The WebFX Approach

The WebFX ApproachOur web design company process uses a production management formula, along with the latest tools and applications, to breathe life into your brand to make a lasting impression on your audience. Our proven methodology will help your company to reach your project objectives.

This is the where we establish the goals for the web site, gather information, research, define time-frames and budgets.

Here we begin the visual design phase allowing our web designers to stretch their creative wings. During this phase, navigation, functionality, and the look and feel are addressed and an HTML prototype design is built.

Once the layout and design of the site is approved, our programmers begin building the web pages. Graphics and content is coded into the pages and optimized for quick download times and multi-platform compatibility.

Our solutions have to work in a variety of environments. We use many of the web industry’s standard practices to thoroughly test your solution for quality, usability, accuracy and functionality.

Work is finalized and delivered. The project is transformed from a development and testing environment into a live production environment.

When everything is live, the work is not done. We stay on top of the solutions we offer. As part of our web design company process, we analyze feedback and refine the solution as our client's situation changes. Our goal is total satisfaction for our clients.