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Amazon drives more than 40 percent of online sales, and it’s by far the most popular ecommerce platform with more than 3.6 billion visitors per month on average. The question is, how can you make more shoppers buy your products? With a competitive, data-driven strategy powered by the leading marketing agency for Amazon — WebFX.

What does our marketing agency for Amazon do?

Our marketing agency for Amazon offers a turn-key solution to promoting your brand and products on Amazon. With our integrated services, which range from product optimization to advertising to Store launches, we help maximize the rankings and sales of your products.

Choose our digital marketing agency for an all-in-one solution to Amazon that includes:

  • Custom strategies
  • Transparent pricing
  • Regular reporting
  • AI-powered technology
  • ROI-focused results
  • Continuous optimizations
  • And more

Keep reading to discover what our marketing company’s award-winning team and artificial intelligence (AI) software can do for your business and its bottom line.

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Our marketing company’s services for Amazon

SEO for Amazon

Rank higher in Amazon search results, plus provide shoppers with helpful information with our Amazon product optimization or SEO services.

Advertising for Amazon

Earn more online sales while lowering your ACoS with our competitive Amazon PPC or advertising services for your business.

Amazon Store Launch

Start selling on with our Amazon Store and Marketplace Launch services, which add and optimize your products for you.

Learn more about our marketing agency’s services for Amazon

With WebFX as your full-service marketing agency for Amazon, you can take advantage of the following services:

SEO for Amazon

Also known as product optimization, Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on improving your rankings in organic search results on Amazon. It increases your position in search results by optimizing your product listing to the standards of Amazon’s search algorithm. When you use SEO for Amazon correctly, you’ll rank highly in Amazon searches.

A few examples of optimized product elements include:

  • Product title
  • Product features
  • Product description
  • Product images

For maximum impact, we optimize each of your product listings with high-value keywords. ContentGeniusFX, our exclusive artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tool, uses billions of data points to discover the most valuable keywords for your products.

As your marketing agency for Amazon, our team also provides 24/7 monitoring for:

  • Inventory
  • Order defect rate
  • Perfect order percentage
  • And more!

Plus, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your competition to create an enhanced strategy.

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Advertising on Amazon

From Sponsored Product Ads to Sponsored Brands to Product Display Ads, our advertising management services for Amazon offer everything you need to advertise — and succeed — on the biggest ecommerce platform in the world.

types of amazon ads graphic

Our pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services for Amazon focus on achieving the following:

  • Building your campaign with low-cost, high-value keywords
  • Increasing your click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Decreasing your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS)
  • Improving your purchase rates

For a high-performing campaign, our team of 500+ digital marketing experts handles everything. We not only create, launch, and manage your campaign, but also offer recommendations for which products to advertise. Plus, our agency oversees any promotions, coupons, or Lightning Deals offered by your business.

Even better, we invest in retargeting campaigns, maximizing the impact — and sales — of your ad campaign.

Amazon product copywriting

When your products require the expertise of sales copy, you can depend on our product copywriting services for Amazon. As a part of our copywriting services, we provide your business with compelling and informative product descriptions that highlight the advantages of your product and the weaknesses of your competition.

We offer product description copywriting for the following word counts:

  • 250
  • 500
  • 1000
  • 2000

As your Amazon marketing agency, our Amazon marketing specialists invest the time to learn about your business, products, and target audience. Understanding what your target shopper wants in a product allows us to draft copy that not only appeals to user desires, but resolves their pain points too.

Amazon product photography

With our agency, your business can also take advantage of our Amazon product photography services. This service is available through our production optimization services. As a part of your custom strategy, our team will arrange professional product photography through a trusted third-party vendor.

Our network of third-party vendors has extensive knowledge of Amazon’s strict image requirements. With their expertise on Amazon, as well as product photography, they produce a set of images that show your products, its features, its uses, and more.

Our photographers produce images that show off your products’ features, uses, and more.

In addition to our product photography, your dedicated account manager provides you with a best practice guide for product photography. If your company conducts product photography in-house or with a trusted vendor, you can use this guide as a helpful reference.

Amazon review management

Consumers depend on reviews to make purchase decisions, which is one reason why review management is critical. It’s also essential because reviews play a significant role in product rankings in Amazon search results. That’s why our Amazon marketing services agency offers review management services for Amazon

As part of our services, our team focuses on the following:

  • Earning verified, unsolicited reviews
  • Responding to negative reviews
  • Managing product questions and answers
  • Generating responses to sales emails

Our team uses platforms like Amazon Vine™ and Early Reviewer Program to earn verified reviews from shoppers.

For our team, we focus on helping your products earn high-quality reviews. With these kinds of reviews, your business can improve its search result visibility, competitiveness for the Buy Box, and persuasiveness to shoppers.

Amazon consulting

If you’re hesitant about partnering full-time with an Amazon marketing agency, your company can take advantage of our consulting services for Amazon. To generate the best results for your business, we require a six-month consultation commitment.

Our consultations cover a variety of Amazon topics, including:

  • SEO
  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Photography

Like our other services for Amazon, we provide you with a dedicated account manager. They invest the time to research your audience, industry, products, and competitors. With their in-depth assessment, they can provide actionable, data-driven recommendations.

Who can benefit from hiring a marketing agency for Amazon?

Companies of all sizes can benefit from marketing services for Amazon, as well as the expertise of a marketing company for Amazon. Whether you’re an established enterprise or thriving small-to-midsize business (SMB), you can use marketing and advertising strategies to increase your visibility on Amazon — and to drive more sales.

In most cases, companies on Seller Central, versus Vendor Central, benefit the most from these services.

With Seller Central, your business maintains control over your products, including their prices. In comparison, Vendor Central allows Amazon to set and control product pricing. It also places your company in the role of supplier, rather than seller.

How can a marketing company for Amazon help my business?

A custom- and data-driven marketing company for Amazon can help your business in multiple ways, including:

  • Drive more sales: Did you know that 70 percent of Amazon shoppers stick to the first page of search results? If your company’s products rank on the second, third, or even fourth page of search results, you are losing sales every day. With a smart marketing strategy, you can change that, increasing your ranking for valuable searches to improve your product sales.
  • Earn more rankings: Only 30 percent of searches on Amazon are for branded goods, like “Nike sneakers,” meaning 70 percent of searches are brand-free. Those searches offer your company immense opportunity, but you must rank on the first page if you want to capture those shoppers. With an Amazon marketing strategy, you can develop a plan for targeting and ranking for these high-value searches.
  • Get more from advertising: As a seller on Amazon, you know ads work — it’s imperative, however, to maintain a low ACoS. With a data-driven advertising strategy, your agency can decrease your ACoS, allowing your business to maximize the impact of your ad spend. That means your company invests the same amount each month but gets more in return because you’ve optimized your ad costs.
  • Build more loyal shoppers: Word travels fast on the Internet. Building a product that meets a user need, plus provides a customer-focused experience, can result in valuable word-of-mouth recommendations. With a marketing strategy in place, your company can maximize its sales and impact on consumers, which can boost shopper loyalty, drive repeat purchases, and encourage product recommendations.

A marketing strategy for Amazon offers immense value, and an agency like WebFX only amplifies those benefits.

“WebFX understands our business needs and how digital marketing efforts meet our goal to be more visible. They translate the ever-changing demands from Google and Social Media platforms to keep us ahead of the curve.”

Air Compressor Manufacturer

“WebFX proved to be a great resource for our small business. As an eCommerce site, we rely on accurate Analytics data to make business decisions. But understanding Google Analytics can be difficult for non-experts. WebFX made sure we had a complete Google Analytics set up and that we understood how to use the data to benefit our business. Thanks!”

Ecommerce Store

“We came to WebFX to redesign our website. Along the way, their professionalism, creativity and attention to detail lead us to partnering with them on multiple other projects and long term campaigns. Our entire team enjoys working with our WebFX team. We couldn’t be more pleased with the work they have done. The level of communication, education, creativity and follow up they have provided is like none other we have experienced. As a brand manager, they make my life easier. Thank you!”

Food Manufacturer

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Why hire a marketing agency for Amazon?

For businesses today, there are plenty of reasons to partner with a marketing agency for Amazon, including:

Access industry-leading expertise

When it comes to marketing and advertising on Amazon, it’s a new frontier for many companies. Investing in the expertise of an Amazon marketing company allows your business to create a competitive marketing campaign that amplifies your results.

WebFX, for example, offers more than 25 years of experience in digital marketing and advertising. With our award-winning expertise, we’ve driven $3 billion in revenue for our clients — and that’s in only the past five years.

For many businesses, our experience provides a massive advantage, especially for competitive industries. It also allows companies to maximize their marketing budget, receiving a substantial return on investment (ROI). Plus, our team helps you reach those challenging goals, like launching a new product or opening a new store.

Leverage advanced marketing tech

In digital marketing and advertising, technology is an essential tool. With software like ContentGeniusFX, IBM Watson, and MarketingCloudFX, your company can receive innovative insight and actionable recommendations for improving your strategies.

It’s a time- and resource-intensive process to develop this kind of software in-house, which is why businesses on Amazon form lasting partnerships with our Amazon marketing agency. In fact, more than 90 percent of clients make WebFX their long-term partner.

How can this technology help your business? Find out:

  • IBM Watson: As one of the world’s most advanced AI platforms, IBM Watson provides your company with the complete power of machine learning and AI. By powering ContentGeniusFX, IBM Watson discovers keyword opportunities for your products, ad campaigns, and more.
  • ContentGeniusFX: With IBM Watson, ContentGeniusFX offers unparalleled insight into your Amazon SEO and advertising strategy. It also delivers actionable insight for improving your content for search engines and users.
  • AmazonFX: It’s critical for your business to have access to your campaign performance. With AmazonFX, powered by Google Data Studio, you can monitor your campaign 24/7 — or review it every month with your dedicated account manager.

For companies on Amazon, WebFX offers an unmatched technology suite.

Get custom, data-driven strategies

In today’s digital marketing landscape, strategies can’t rely on hunches anymore. If your company wants to succeed on Amazon — and compete on a platform with more than one million other third-party sellers — it’s essential to leverage the power of data.

That’s why data-driven strategies are the new standard.

With a custom, data-driven approach, your business can accelerate its sales, maximize its brand awareness, and achieve its desired growth. At WebFX, we specialize in developing data-driven strategies customized to your company.

Due to our industry-leading approach, we’ve managed around 12.9 million transactions for our clients.

Accelerate product sales

Third-party sellers account for more than 50 percent of everything sold on Amazon. For your company, there is an immense opportunity to earn more. To drive more sales, however, you need a competitive marketing and advertising strategy.

You need an Amazon marketing company.

With our experienced and trusted agency, your company can develop a competitive, data-driven approach. A strategy like that can make the difference between how many sales your company gets next quarter, compared to this one.

It can also make a tremendous impact during the busiest shopping seasons, like Christmas and Black Friday. With shoppers ordering more than one billion items — from third-party sellers — during these two holidays, it’s the perfect time to reconsider your approach to digital marketing and advertising on Amazon.

Minimize marketing costs

Companies vary when it comes to how much they spend on Amazon marketing. No matter your budget, however, you want to optimize your costs, maximizing the impact of your budget on your bottom line. That’s why it’s imperative to partner with an agency that comes with a proven track record of driving results.

With an agency like WebFX, you can ensure your marketing budget performs for your business. Not only have we driven $3 billion in revenue for our clients, but we have also helped them grow their companies, expand their teams, and achieve their biggest goals.

Plus, as a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer all the services your company needs to succeed on Amazon. From advertising to optimization, our team can create a data-driven strategy that delivers a substantial ROI for your business.

Our digital marketing campaigns impact the metrics that improve your bottom line.

See More Results

WebFX has driven the following results for clients:

$3 billion

In client revenue

7.8 million

Leads for our clients

5.2 million

Client phone calls

Why make WebFX my marketing agency for Amazon?

Businesses across the world trust WebFX for their marketing. Why? A few reasons, including:

Powerful AI technology

MarketingCloudFX. IBM Watson. ContentGeniusFX.

The power of these platforms allows your company’s dedicated account manager to gain in-depth insight into your campaigns. Driving your campaign with machine learning and AI provides your business with an unmatched advantage, helping you target high-value keywords for your products and their advertisements.

25+ years of experience

With more than 25 years of history, WebFX is one of the most experienced Amazon marketing services agencies.

Our decades of experience demonstrate our ability to deliver on client expectations, as well as adapt to industry trends. It also emphasizes our commitment to providing a client-focused experience, complete with a dedicated account manager and customized strategy. At WebFX, we’re not like other Amazon marketing agencies.

Data-driven strategies

Data — not hunches — drives our marketing strategies.

With the power of IBM Watson, our team of digital marketing experts uses billions of data points to develop a performance- and data-driven Amazon marketing plan for your business. A data-driven strategy offers dozens of advantages, including a competitive edge over your competition and a tremendous ROI.

50+ awards

The success we’ve helped our clients achieve has led to our team receiving 50 industry awards.

Our awards range from marketing to design, emphasizing our role as a full-service marketing agency for Amazon. The recognition we’ve received also highlights the talent and passion of our team. When you partner with WebFX, you know you’re collaborating with a team that invests themselves in your success.

Transparent prices

With WebFX, there is zero confusion — and that applies to our pricing too.

We value transparency, which is why we publish our prices online. Unlike other Amazon marketing agencies, we don’t ask you to provide personal information or request a quote to view our rates. Even if you require a custom quote, our strategists give a complete breakdown of our services and their prices.

500+ digital marketing specialists

As the Best Place to Work in PA, we feature an impressive team of 500+ digital marketing specialists.

We also have some of the best digital marketers in the industry at WebFX. Their experience and passion results in not only data-driven strategies, but also custom approaches that focus on achieving your specific goals. Plus, our team sees themselves as a member of your marketing team — not as your marketing provider.

Clear-cut reporting

At WebFX, we offer 100 percent transparent reporting for your Amazon campaign.

Whether you’re at the office, home, or on-the-go, you can check in on your campaign performance. Google Data Studio powers features helpful dashboards and visuals to show the success of your strategy, which can include an increase in product orders, for example.

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“We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients.”

Bill Craig

WebFX President

Looking for a trusted marketing agency for Amazon?

With a client retention rate of more than 90%, WebFX is the trusted choice for performance-driven, client-focused marketing services for Amazon. Whether you’re looking to increase your rankings, decrease your ACoS, or improve your sales, our award-winning team can help.

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