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What Is Conjoint Analysis and How Can You Use It?

Imagine that your business sells laptops. As you develop the newest model, you decide to remove the touchscreen feature that existed in your previous models. Except, it turns out that the touchscreen was users’ favorite feature. So, when you remove […]

Vanity Metrics: Definition, Dangers, and Examples

You don’t have to look far to find headline-grabbing metrics these days. Apps are bragging about how many users they have. Bloggers proudly share their monthly visits. While they might look good on paper, they don’t offer much in the […]

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Beginner Tips for Diving Into User Segmentation

Back in December, in a blog post written by one of my colleagues, myself and a few other WebFX-ers made commitments to specific internet marketing New Years Resolutions for 2013. My resolution? To ‘experiment’ with advanced analytics reporting techniques for […]