2013 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Internet Marketing Strategy

We make resolutions to get thinner, be healthier, spend more time with friends and finish that 2,000 page book – why not make one internet marketing resolution for 2013?

I asked our charming, talented internet marketing team to give me their top resolutions for 2013, and here is what they came up with:

Brian: I want to become more technically savvy, especially with coding!

Amanda: The goal in any Internet Marketing campaign is to have it achieve its highest potential. This requires a little creativity and out of the box thinking. I will ask myself questions like this: What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? What am I missing out on? What are my client’s competitors doing that we are not doing? What are my client’s competitors not doing that we are doing? Having out of the box thinking will give campaigns that little extra boost they may need.

Karie: Develop more quality content and leverage existing photo opportunities, video opportunities, etc. so we have more to share!

Adrienne: I want to make it a point to read at least two internet marketing industry articles every evening, in an effort to learn all I can and stay up to date! As a personal goal, I want to help my boyfriend market his music and grow his audience!

Trevin: My resolution is to find ways to better utilize big data. There’s so much data available in all avenues of online marketing: visitor data, shopping cart data, freely available data. Nearly all of the websites we work with have large datasets of some sort and I’m hoping to create some scalable ways to put this to work for my clients in their inbound marketing efforts.

Xander: To learn foreign language SEO. It’s the new long tail, and there’s a barrier to entry that most SEO’s won’t cross – the language barrier—but if you can do it, you can reach a ton more people cheaply.

Benn: Leverage social more for SEO, not just a branding tool. Google is becoming more “real” in that it is trying to use human action as a factor in ranking what is important. Links were the first sign of this effort and we saw a crackdown on quality this year. I feel we will start to see offline variables affect our SERPS even more in 2013. Social is the closest tool at this point which gives Google signals of importance rather than just link from an article. When I say leverage social, this is more than just having a Facebook Business page. It means creating great content and setting up your site to help visitors share and promote on your behalf. Motivating searchers to become advocates socially both on and offline will be just as important for continued growth organically as getting them to your site in the first place. My resolution is becoming a stronger social advocate for my clients.

Krystal: One of my biggest resolutions is to begin experimenting with more advanced reporting techniques in Google Analytics for my clients. I’d like to give them a wide variety of data that hopefully they will consider of value to their business throughout the year.

Not sure which resolution should be top priority for you or your business? Here are the top areas to pay attention to:

Mobile Boom

Though it’s been repeated for a few years now, the PC may finally die in 2013. PC shipments declined for the first time ever in 2012, so I foresee mobile advertising – and with it, responsive web design – becoming the new norm as everyone switches to tablets, laptops or just mobile phones.

Local Focus

The only place to start online to acquire new business as a local business is to be present in maps and have reviews readily available to prospective customers. Companies without reviews will be burned simply by the lack of reviews, whether they are positive or negative. This trend can only continue as the importance of customer feedback grows.

Social Media Impacts

Social media’s impact will also spread wider within business infrastructures as brand advocates gain importance and influence over their friends, turning fans into marketers themselves.

Expanded Digital Wallet

– Adobe Systems called Cyber Monday 2012 a record day, estimating $1.98 billion in web sales. More and more people spend their time and money online each year, and I don’t foresee this trend slipping.

Social Search

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter will inevitably become closely aligned with online search and take it to the next level. Of course, Google+ has begun to tap into the social graph and return results based on connections. In 2013, be sure your company can be found on these platforms.

Semantic Search

What if Google knew you couldn’t eat gluten while you were searching for restaurants? Semantic mark-up allows Google to understand these secondary requirements without you typing them in. They do, after all, want to be the ‘answer engine’. It is only a matter of time before the other engines follow.

Test, Measure, Report

Whatever you choose to include in your internet marketing strategy for 2013, stick with it! If you’re making a small change, be sure to measure it. Trying new things inevitably creates hurdles, but do your best to see it through. In most cases, you will be generously rewarded for being one of the first adopters.

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