Should your business be concerned about iPhones?

With the release of Apple’s long anticipated iPhone on June 29th, a flurry of conversations arose in the business community. The future of mobile web browsing all of sudden became the present, and we asked “Should we do something?” The truth is that the mobile Web has been around for awhile, but just not in such large distribution. I saw Vinton Cerf speak last evening at Dickinson College about the future of the Internet, and more specifically the role Mobile phones will play in this future. Vint Cerf is the VP and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google, as well as the “co-founder of the Internet”. He expressed his belief that cell phones, not personal computers, will propel the growth of the internet worldwide as countries like India and China go mobile by the droves.

What does this mean for business? It means get ready! Mobile phones will always be much smaller than personal computers, and likely will vary in size for years to come. The user experience on an iPhone is drastically different from that of your PC. If you want mobile users to visit your website and most importantly, stay on it, you should start thinking about the mobile future now. My suggestion is to snatch up your .mobi address, and ask your web developer (maybe even me) to pare down your website for mobile users. Or even better, think of ways you can monetize on this trend and develop a new customer base. You can sit back and relax knowing you’re ahead of the iPhone curve!