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Q&A: What Digital Strategies Are FXers Most Excited for in 2023?

With a new year comes new marketing strategies, tech advancements, and buzz about what’s coming next. To get a look ahead, we asked some of our team members across departments what they are looking forward to in 2023.

We broke down their responses into the following categories:

Check out their answers below and share in the new-year excitement!

In-house and industry developments

A new year brings new advancements in our technology for clients. Some FXers highlighted projects we are working on as their high points for the coming year.

As part of the WebFX values, we are tenacious and strive to be 1% better each day, including using our tools to advance our strategies. Sandi mentions a few of the upcoming tools that we can use to help us keep improving.


Samm is most excited about “end-of-funnel marketing technologies,” specifically those we use for email marketing. With thoughtful email content and software updates, we can help our clients keep in touch with their prospects and build relationships that drive sales.


AdTechFX is making waves in advertising for clients through audience targeting and retargeting, customer relationship management (CRM) advancements, and data tracking. This service is part of our proprietary MarketingCloudFX software.

As we move into another year of delivering results, Nicole is eager to see how AdTechFX can track cross-channel performance and expand our clients’ reach.


Ashley sums up our goals perfectly with her enthusiasm about complementary marketing strategies.


Social media updates

Social media changes constantly, but one thing is sure — it’s not going anywhere. TikTok has enamored consumers, and businesses can use short-form videos to attract buyers and build awareness.

Anna is particularly excited about how our clients can use TikTok to reach more people and take advantage of new advertising opportunities.


Data organization and collection

Gathering and storing data is critical for marketing. We are constantly looking for ways to better manage and implement data as a company and for our clients.

Xander highlights how using different systems for client and company data can help us find balance.


With the upcoming changes to Google’s third-party cookies and general concerns over user privacy, first-party data is more critical than ever. Companies must learn to collect first-party client information to earn their trust while creating effective ads.

Will mentions the push for first-party data in his outlook for 2023.


Advertising opportunities

Both Erin and Shannon highlight how advertising will change in 2023 and beyond.

Connected TV (CTV) advertising has gained popularity across streaming channels, like Hulu, that offer ad-supported plans. Netflix, which has never allowed ads on its platform, is now offering an ad-inclusive plan.

Erin highlights what that means for advertisers in 2023 — more video opportunities, increased exposure, and more chances to create personalized video content.


Personalization and omnichannel marketing are also on the rise. Companies are starting to realize that generic, single-platform ads aren’t cutting it — 47% of marketers are personalizing their content to build relationships.

Shannon brings up multiple great points we can all anticipate in the new year.


As marketers and business owners, we can prepare for more opportunities to reach target audiences and build brand recognition!

AI integration

AI technology lets us create machine-generated content and automate tasks through chatbots and similar tools. As AI advances, we can develop new ways to integrate it into marketing strategies.

Kate highlights how increased access to AI will let us add it to any strategy.


At WebFX, we keep up with the latest tech — AI included. Dylan notes how we will integrate AI into our strategies and tools and the marketing sphere in general.


Content growth

Content is the driving force behind any good marketing strategy. Whether it be emails, videos, or infographics, content creation helps us reach new and current audiences and connect with them.

Vivian mentions the Helpful Content update from Google, which encourages marketers and businesses to focus on people-first content.


We can use these new guidelines in our strategy while helping clients find their voice.

Content marketing goes beyond visuals — we can use audio ads and snippets to capture people’s attention and spread awareness. Jen is excited to see the future of content marketing and audio!


Cheers to 2023

At WebFX, we’re looking forward to another year of driving results for our clients and celebrating achievements with the best coworkers around. With all the advancements in tech and marketing updates, we have plenty to anticipate.

Want to step up your marketing strategy in the new year? Contact us online to chat with a strategist!

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