Slick Slideshow using jQuery

Web Development Tutorial

An image that says Install X A M P P for wordpress.If you're into developing web apps, you should check out the tutorial called "Using XAMPP for Local WordPress Theme Development" which shows you how to set up a local testing server for developing PHP/Perl based applications locally on your computer. The example also shows you how to set up WordPress locally!

Grunge Brushes, Anyone?

A thumbnail image that says S R grunge photoshop brushes 6 high resolution grunge brushes by six revisions.In this layout, I used SR Grunge, which is a free set of high-resolution Photoshop brushes you can download here on Six Revisions.

How About Some Awesome Grunge Textures?

A thumbnail image that says grunge extreme 15 free high resolution grunge textures six revisions.The texture used in this web page is from the Grunge Extreme Textures freebie set by JC Parmley released here on Six Revisions.

You can head over to the Grunge Extreme page to download the texture set or check out Six Revisions' freebie section for even more goodies!

'Tis the End, My Friend.

Thumbnail image that says sleek button using photoshop that links to a Photoshop tutoril.This is the last slide. Hit the left arrow control to go back to the other slides.

Alternatively, you may want to check out the tutorial on how to create a simple and cool button in Photoshop called "How to Create a Slick and Clean Button in Photoshop" which was inspired by the Campaign Monitor web interface.