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How to Amplify Your Digital Marketing Assets through Email Marketing

Wondering how to leverage your digital marketing assets through email marketing? We’ve got you covered!

As many industries become more saturated with aggressive marketing competition, email campaigns must be more consistent, clear, and cohesive to avoid failed brand recognition and loss of prospects to other key industry players.

Who is winning in the world of email marketing right now? Companies with organized marketing stacks, automated lead nurturing, advanced segmentation of audience targets, and consistent remarketing of the right message to the right person at the right time.

Whether embarking on the mission to uplevel your omnichannel marketing strategy in an agency or corporation, the challenge of crafting the perfect marketing campaign across channels remains the same.

In this article, we take an “asset-first” approach, where we deep dive into best-performing earned media assets originally made for other channels and then are repurposed through a cohesive lead nurture campaign.

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How to amplify digital marketing assets through email marketing

Repurposing digital marketing assets is cost-effective, sustainable for design teams of all sizes, and strategically broadens the return of the creative. This effort weaves your strongest assets throughout multiple touchpoints in a sales cycle built to grow your brand.

Lead generation channels we want to pull assets from:

Below, we discuss how to amplify existing digital marketing asset applications for email marketing from both of these channels.

  1. SEO amplification of money-driving pages
  2. SEO amplification of informative content
  3. Paid advertising copy and promotions
  4. Utilizing your earned media from websites and social media profiles to engage and impress leads
  5. Video is king — Tying emails together with visual communication

1. SEO amplification of money-driving pages

Re-engagement is key throughout the sale cycle of any aggressive industry. If a user is ready to convert but just seeking an extra boost of value from your brand offering, an email can make that difference.

Amplifying your optimized product and category page content is a great way to show proof of brand authority and close a deal. You can repurpose content by summarizing main selling points, re-iterating calls to action (CTAs), and linking back to the money-driving URL within your email.

As you take stock of your SEO website assets, you may want to organize your content opportunities by which stage it will nurture in the sales funnel for your different converting audiences.

You might ask yourself: What does a user need to hear/see to make a final decision? If your existing content assets support a user through this consideration phase, include them in your email copy!

An example of this in action is utilizing an optimized product page’s content to streamline product education and promote head-turning advantages.

Microsoft mouse product email promotion

Email marketing campaign ideas for money-driving content include:

  • Content highlighting product descriptions
  • Pricing information and featured offers
  • Packaging, shipping and/or loyalty programs
  • Reviews and social trust signals

Not sure you have optimized money-driving website pages? WebFX can help.

2. SEO amplification of informative content

Likewise, when your sales cycle requires more convincing than hard CTAs and product info, your informative website content can nurture the decision phase of new leads. Your technical or informative content becomes an asset for your email marketing toolbox.

Summarizing and linking to informative content in your emails is a fantastic method to earn trust and establish brand authority against your competition.

You can engage in this tactic by streamlining long-form guides in your emails, spotlighting how-to content pieces with shortened instructions, and bolding FAQ content that decision-makers would benefit from learning.

Email marketing campaign ideas for informative content include:

  • Content highlighting detailed solution information
  • Informing how the solution will benefit the user or others
  • Reasons to increase the need for the product/solution
  • Trending examples of application

Need more informative assets across your digital landscape? WebFX can help.

3. Paid advertising copy and promotions

Your paid advertising performance can tell you who to contact and what to share. Based on your top-performing ad campaigns through social media or search engines, select the most engaging creative assets to repurpose.

  • Determine: Which ad copy variations produced the most conversions?
  • Determine: Which display creative had the highest click-through rate?

After selecting your most valuable assets, you can include them in your retargeting email campaigns intended to reach your exact or similar audiences. Paid advertising assets are best utilized in drip campaigns to retarget and re-engage bottom-of-the-funnel users with more transactional messaging themes.

4. Utilizing your earned media from websites and social media profiles to engage and impress leads

Like many, your target audience is likely fond of visual learning. The best way to convince a customer to purchase a product or engage in a service is to show them proof that it works.

Further, the user can be won over if they can see how it works or how the solution is the best option to mend their want. Below is a list of visual assets that are perfect for repurposing in email marketing initiatives:

Conversion graphics

Conversion graphics are:

  • Easy to understand
  • Clear about the next steps
  • Bold and simple to integrate on desktop and mobile emails

Micrographics and infographics

Micrographics and infographics enable you to:

  • Describe a process
  • Inform in greater detail
  • Guide the user step by step
  • Compare and contrast
  • Usually responsive to mobile email design

Charts and graphs

Charts and graphs help you show:

  • Expected outcomes
  • Projections and inform expectations
  • Outlines of parts or components

NEW Conversion Modules from WebFX

Our conversion modules can:

  • Offer multiple calls to action
  • Help the user decide the next step
  • Guide the user to the appropriate conversion step

All of the above visual earned media examples can be linked to both money-driving and informative SEO pages to strengthen your omnichannel marketing strategy. WebFX’s earned media team can also help with earned media asset creation across all of your digital channels.

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5. Video is king — Tying emails together with visual communication

Video assets are superior engagement tools to keep customers coming back with the latest releases and new developments.

Any marketing video that highlights information about the offering or experience that comes along with it is a golden asset for email usage. Video assets can work in any stage of the buyer funnel, and enhance the user’s sales journey.

In fact, viewers remember 95% of a message when delivered by video but only 10% of a message when delivered by text.

An evaluation of your existing video assets will provide great topic generation for email marketing and a perfect visual to up-level the information consumed in an email of body paragraphs.

Further, a great way to repurpose longer video footage is by dividing the asset up into smaller video snippets to provide a steady flow of engaging clips in each email.

If the video communicates different points about a related topic, it can naturally fill multiple email outlines in one dedicated drip campaign (to the same audience).

Here are some ideas for repurposing show-stopping video assets created by teams like WebFX:

  • Video promotions embedded in email newsletters
  • Video of physical storefront locations, staff/teams, award recognitions, etc
  • Video testimonials say it all for both informative and transactional audiences.

This is awesome information. Now how should I start gathering my assets for email campaigns?

Get started with utilizing your winning digital marketing assets in your email campaigns through the following steps:

  1. Organize a digital folder with all assets from each marketing channel
  2. Organize subfolders by intent, topic, and performance-driven in the original channel
  3. Craft campaigns highlighting those visuals or written assets
  4. Segment the correct audience for targeting/retargeting
  5. Schedule or automate a drip campaign for each stage of the buyer funnel
  6. Fine-tune your strategy through an ongoing performance analysis with WebFX

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