10 mind-blowing financial infographics from Mint

Infographics have taken the web by storm. No matter the topic, you can probably find a graphical representation of it floating around somewhere online. Infographics provide a great way to learn, especially for visual people like myself. It is easy to write and say something is $4 trillion dollars, for example,  but a number like that is often  hard to actually gauge without some sort of graphic.

Mint has done a great job at using infographics to educate and drive traffic to their blog. They’ve illustrated tons of financial topics and their infographics have been found all over high-traffic blogs and social websites. I’ve always found them fascinating to look at, both as a case study in Internet marketing and simply for personal enrichment.

Here’s 10 of the most popular infographics by Mint for inspiration and education.

1. No Funds Left: The Rising Cost of Being and NFL Fan
2. Visualizing One Trillion Dollars
3. Financial Fallout in the Gulf: The Economic Aftermath of the BP Oil Spill
4. Graduating from IOU: Student Loans in America
5. Where’s the Money in America?
6. Nowhere Near LeBron: Soccer’s Slim Salaries
7. Top 10 Cities to Buy vs Rent
8. The Rip
9. Student Loans by the Numbers
10. India vs the US: A Visual Comparison

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