Paper boxes in a shopping cart on a laptop keyboard. Ideas about e-commerce, e-commerce or electronic commerce is a transaction of buying or selling goods or services online over the internet.

How to Beat Yard Sale Ecommerce

Photo thanks to colros.

Are you doing business online?

If so, you’ve probably met your nemesis.  She is lurking in the shadows of ebay and Amazon ready to snatch away your customers.  She sells what you sell, but for next to nothing.

She doesn’t think like you.  She doesn’t analyze expenses and sales.  She got her (your) product for free, or as a must-buy.  She has no use for it anymore and wants cash.

Not as much cash as she can, but some cash.  Less cash than you have to charge to keep your business going.  She can look up how much you charge then set her price at less than yours.

When everyone sells something online, many people will end up selling what you sell.  And they don’t have operating expenses to cover or people to pay.  They can undercut you easily.

When the market is everyone, price is easy to beat.  But quality isn’t.

You’ve got one huge advantage over these guerrilla sellers:

The resources to communicate quality.

You must convince your customers that your new golf clubs are worth the extra money, the money that separates your product from Uncle Frank’s “twice-used” golf clubs.

As a business with marketing money to spend (although maybe not a ton), you can blow mom and pop out of the water by communicating value.

A couple ways to do that are:

Independent sellers can beat or equal you 100% of the time on product and price.

For businesses selling on today’s web, the other two P’s are astronomically more important.