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shocked-boyMicrosoft is at it again, trying to keep up with the times yet make everyone happy. Version 8 of Internet Explorer is set to launch while a lot of the population doesn’t yet know that different web browsers even exist.

In Microsoft’s newsletter published yesterday, they warn of compatibility issues between companies’ websites and their new-and-improved browser. For those that know the details of past IE versions, you know that in so many words they came out and made some pretty bold statements.

Let’s start with the alarming red warning text that really gets the interest going.

To help ensure your customers view your website as intended please check to see if your public website is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 by following these simple steps:

I can’t help but imagine a scene of mass hysteria like in The Day After Tomorrow as users browse to websites only to find them vanished or distorted like The Elephant Man.

The truth is that websites really shouldn’t look any different, unless they were designed specifically for Internet Explorer’s past versions. There were clearly some issues in IE 5, 6, & 7 that Microsoft knew about and finally fixed (yes, it’s true).

While we have our skeptics that say Microsoft still won’t get it right, all we can hope is that Internet Explorer is headed in the right direction to displaying standard compliant designed websites correctly. To cater to those not wanting to bother with standards, Microsoft gives you a tag to embed on your site. Comparatively it’s like a Band-Aid for a gun shot wound.

What you should know.

While your choice of web browser may not impact your day-to-day life, there are some important things you should know.

  1. Web standards exist
    We strive to design with them
  2. Not all web browsers are created equal
    If you are using the default Windows XP web browser from 2001 consider an upgrade. Try Firefox, Safari, or IE8
  3. What you don’t know can hurt you
    It is proven that standards compliant websites have a better shot at great search engine rankings, they are accessible for persons with disabilities, and web browsers don’t matter since your content is compliant to be displayed by all!

When you hear the hype about IE8, just remember, a great website starts with the basics: Web standards, a great design, and well written content.

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