The Declining Cost of Developing Web Applications

Cost Web ApplicationsAs a web development company who experienced the boom of the late nineties, where moderate sized web applications easily cost a quarter million to build, its amazes us that the cost of today’s web applications has become so inexpensive. We even surprise ourselves with how much functionality we are able to produce for our clients for their invested dollar with the speed our developers, new tools and reusable code.

Here are some recent figures to support this claim:

DropSend: Build $48,012 / Monthly $3,625
Freshbooks Build $290,000 / Monthly $46,000
Maya’s Mom: Build $70,000 / Monthly $30,000
Mobissimo: Build $60,000 / Monthly $150,000
Wesabe: Build $200,000 / Monthly: $3,000

Source: SXSW: The Figures Behind The Top Web Apps

With costs to develop Web 2.0 applications at affordable cost levels for any new idea and startup it leaves one wondering why not start a site. With MySpace worth an estimated $20 Billion and Facebook gaining quickly at an estimated worth of $10. The risk v. reward tradeoff seems to be stacked for the entrepreneur. If you have a great idea, don’t delay, get a quote from WebFX today 🙂