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How to Get More Website Leads without More Traffic

Stop trying to get more traffic and start converting the traffic you already have. That might sound weird coming from an internet marketer, but hear me out. 5 years ago the easiest way to increase leads from your website was to get more traffic.

This meant search engine optimize, buy cheap clicks on PPC ads, or even buy some banner ads. Clicks were cheap or free, so why not buy more? Nowadays clicks are expensive.

Sometimes REALLY expensive. If your website already has a steady traffic flow, the smart thing to do is to analyze what those visitors are doing on your site and adjust to give them what they want.

How to Do It

Let’s say you want to increase the number of people that contact you from your website by 35%. That’s a huge jump and can mean big bucks for you in the long run.

We actually just did this for a client.  The 35% increase means about $7,000 per month in profit. We had three options:

  • On-site conversion optimization
  • More traffic through SEO
  • More traffic through PPC

We chose conversion optimization.  The reason is in the cost:

Conversion Optimization
Steps: Analyze and edit site
Completion time: ~1 week
Total Cost: ~$1,000 (hours to edit the site)

Here’s the cost for the other two methods:

Steps: Site SEO Overhaul
Completion time: 1 year+
Cost: $500/month
Total Cost: ~$6,000 over one year
Steps: Increase PPC budget 35%
Completion time: Immediate
Cost: 35% of ad budget
Total Cost: Extra ~$1,300/month

So which would you choose? It’s pretty much a no-brainer. The most cost effective way to increase leads from your site is to take advantage of the traffic you already have.

Where would you get started? Sign up for a conversion analysis from WebFX, of course.

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