1st Google PageRank Update of 2008

Google PageRank Update of 2008As of 12JAN08 all Google data centers have been updated with a new Google PageRank update. The Google PageRank update is beginning to become a little bit of a yawn around the SEM community, since it has little affect on the traffic that Google drives websites via organic web searches.

The most recent PageRank update brought little change to the overall WebFX website. The one exception being that our blog home page lost its page rank which is irregular since many posts range from a PR1 to a PR3. One would think in 2008 that GoogleBot would have mastered how to crawl a WordPress blog. We even setup our robots.txt file in a manner to assist GoogleBot along it indexing way.

All this leads one to ponder if Google PageRank should go away entirely. If PageRank is mainly being used by SEOers and marketers to set the prices for paid links which Google has now launched a crusade against, what’s the point of fueling the fire with PageRank updates which have no bearing on SERPS (Search engine results page)?

Here is a good post by the Google mage himself on the importance of PageRank: Matt Cutts Blog – PageRank