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Screenshot of a Keyword Suggestion Tool interface with 'pearl earrings' entered as a starting keyword, a green search button, and options to export the results as a CSV file or copy them.

Your Go-To Amazon Keyword Research Tool: KeywordsFX

With 95 million loyal customers, Amazon is an ecommerce hotspot, and as an Amazon store owner, choosing the right keywords to target is crucial to a successful Amazon marketing campaign. Users won’t be able to find your products if you don’t target the keywords they’re searching — making Amazon keyword research even more important. But how do you find keywords that will attract your most qualified audience?

An Amazon keyword research tool! On this page, we’ll talk about how an Amazon keyword research tool can propel your campaign and why we think we have the best keyword research tool for Amazon. Don’t forget, WebFX is a specialized marketing agency for Amazon that can help you find the right keywords and sell more products from your Amazon store!

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Why is Amazon keyword research important?

With over 8.8 million sellers on Amazon, your products are a needle in a haystack — and if you want your target audience to find those products, you have to attach the correct keywords to your campaign. When you assign keywords to each product, you give shoppers the opportunity to find that product based on the keyword that they search. For example, if you sell pearl earrings, you may choose to use keywords like:

  1. Dangly pearl earrings
  2. Dainty pearl earrings
  3. Pearl drop earrings
  4. Gold pearl earrings

These are just a few variations, and of course, you should only use keywords that fit the description of the product you’re selling. This is where keyword research comes in. These terms, of course, describe your product, but are these terms what users search when looking for products like yours?

With keyword research, you’ll be able to use keywords like those listed above as a starting point and then expand your list based on the data provided by the tool. Without using an Amazon keyword research tool, you could find yourself wasting your marketing budget targeting keywords that users aren’t interested in or don’t search. When you do use an Amazon keyword research tool, you can find keywords that have a high search volume to ensure that your budget is going to the right terms.

How to use an Amazon keyword research tool to improve your campaign

If you currently sell products on Amazon, congratulations!

You’re part of an online store that sells to millions of users every day. But if you want to find the users that are interested in what you’re selling, it’s your best bet to use an Amazon keyword research tool. Here’s how you can incorporate one of the best keyword research tools for Amazon into your Amazon marketing campaign.

1. Look at one product at a time

First, you’ll want to choose what product you’re focusing on. Amazon keyword research isn’t something that you can do for multiple products at the same time — each one requires its own TLC to be successful. That said, after you choose the product you’re focusing on optimizing, move to the second step.

2. Create a keyword list

Now that you’ve decided on what product you’re focusing on, it’s time to come up with a list. You can choose to compile your list of keywords spreadsheet-style, which we recommend, or jot down a few ideas on a sheet of paper.

Hot tip: When you compile this initial list in a spreadsheet, you can keep all your keywords in the same place and keep them organized using different tabs.

spreadsheet keywords 926x1024 The keywords that you brainstorm should fit the following criteria:

  1. Describe your product
  2. Short-tail keyword variations (one- to two-word keywords)
  3. Long-tail keyword variations (keywords that are more like phrases, with three or more words)

Come up with a list of keywords that are both long and short that describe your product. This will provide a springboard for your keyword research.

3. Plug keywords into an Amazon keyword research tool

Now that you have a few keywords that describe the product you’re selling, it’s time to find out how users search for a product like yours. You’ll want to use a keyword research tool like KeywordsFX to help you get more keyword ideas for your products. You’ll want to start by inserting the first keyword in your brainstorm spreadsheet into the tool.

pearl earrings keywordsfx 1024x722 When you do, our free Amazon keyword research tool will give you an expansive list of terms that users actually use when looking for your product. Our tool for keyword marketing provides you with a list of related keywords in the first column, questions that include your keyword in the second column, and modified versions of your keyword in the right column. keywordsfx columns 1024x359 Each column provides you with a variation of your initial keyword that might be beneficial to include in your campaign.

Of course, you shouldn’t target keywords that don’t describe your product.

4. Export keyword suggestions

The best keyword research tools for Amazon will allow you to export the keyword data they provide to a CSV file. export csv 1024x373 It’s easy to export your CSV file with KeywordsFX. You can choose where your CSV file will save on your computer, and then open it to find the list of keywords in an organized Microsoft Excel file.

keywordsfx csv 1024x749 You can then take these keywords, copy them, and paste them into your spreadsheet where you kept your brainstorming list.

5. Repeat the process for your other brainstormed keywords

Repeat this process by plugging in each of the keywords from your original brainstorming list to get a new variety of related keywords. Of course, you’ll likely have some overlap, but after pasting all of your keywords into your master spreadsheet, you can get rid of any duplicates.

6. Decide which keywords have the highest value and apply them to your campaign

You can easily scrape through your list of suggested keywords to determine which ones describe your products and which ones don’t. Remember, when you use an Amazon keyword research tool, it pulls keywords that are related, but some might not be relevant to your specific product. After you’ve chosen which keywords best fit your product, it’s time to implement them into your campaign.

7. Analyze your results

It’s not enough to do keyword research, implement your chosen keywords, and let your campaign ride. It’s crucial to the overall success of your campaign that you ensure the keywords you selected drive clicks and sales. Analyzing the results of your keywords can tell you a few crucial pieces of information:

  1. Few clicks might mean you’re not targeting the right keywords
  2. Few clicks might mean you’re not targeting the right audience
  3. Clicks with few purchases might mean your keywords are misleading

This information can help you better sculpt your keyword research to ensure that you choose terms that drive sales for your company. Not only that, but this information can also give you the nudge to optimize your listings for things other than keywords. For example, few clicks might also mean that your product images aren’t high-quality, or that your product features aren’t listed in a way that entices users to click.

If you’re not sure where to start with analyzing your current Amazon campaign, an Amazon marketing company that provides Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) services, like WebFX, can help!

8. Repeat the process for every product in your catalog

To ensure every product that you sell targets the right audience, you’ll want to repeat the Amazon keyword research process for each of your products! If this sounds overwhelming, WebFX can help.

Useful Amazon keyword research tool: KeywordsFX

Not only can WebFX help you sculpt a successful Amazon marketing campaign, but we also provide a free Amazon keyword research tool to help you get started. KeywordsFX is a tool that we built to help users just like you sell more products than ever before with PPC advertising and SEO.

Selling products on Amazon requires the same kind of keyword targeting as PPC and SEO — making KeywordsFX one of the best free Amazon keyword research tools. If you need help finding the right keywords to target with your Amazon store, or if you need help setting up your Amazon storefront, creating Amazon ads, and analyzing your campaigns, WebFX is your one-stop-shop. We’ve been in the business of marketing companies in a variety of industries for more than two decades, and clients trust us to create long-lasting results for their business.

If you’re ready to get started, feel free to contact us online for a free quote, or give us a call at 888-601-5359 to learn more about how Amazon keyword research can help your online store thrive.

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