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The Hyperloop Infographic
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Elon Musk’s Hyperloop: Proposing A Fifth Mode of Transportation [Infographic]

Transportation is what gets us from point A to point B. People travel everyday. They go to work, they go on vacation, they go to school, they go somewhere.

But for now this is limited by the use of only four different slow modes of transportation: boats, cars, trains, and planes. However, Elon Musk from Tesla Motors and SpaceX is looking to change this with a fifth mode of transportation. The Hyperloop.

This high tech rail gun, air hockey table will get you from LA to San Francisco in just 35 minutes.

That’s over 350 miles at speeds up to 760 mph! Oh and by the way, it’s cheaper, safer, and faster than any other land transport system, including the planned California High Speed Rail. Take a look at this infographic explaining everything about the Hyperloop including how much it costs and who is behind the entire project.

Each day, millions of people travel the 350 mile trek from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Unfortunately, traveling this stretch of road by car can take several hours. A high speed rail system is planned to be put in place to help solve this problem, however, that will costs billions of dollars to put in place and it won’t be a cheap alternative for those wanting to make the commute. Instead, what if you could take a new form of transportation that propelled you at 700mph in a tube just by using air?

Well, check out this infographic of the Hyperloop and see what the future holds!

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Hyperloop infographic

Imagine traveling at 700mph! The Hyperloop seems sci-fi, but makes sense! Combine a rail gun and an air hockey table and you have the beginnings to the science behind this massive structure.

Air powered propulsion using the power of the sun to transport millions of people each day over stretches of up to 900 miles. What isn’t cool about that?

The California High Speed Rail is currently planned for construction, but wouldn’t you prefer something cheaper, safer, and faster? The Hyperloop system is considered to still be in alpha, but Elon Musk has made the project “Open Source” meaning that you too can contribute to the new idea.

With help from Elon and scientists from around the world, this project isn’t so far fetched. The future of high speed travel is so close we can almost feel it!

Next stop, the future!

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Hyperloop infographic

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