Stock vs. Product: A Comparison of Popular Gadgets and Stock Prices [Infographic]

Top companies in the business of creating the most sought after gadgets have experienced the usual ups and downs over the years within the stock market. However, the gadgets that they produce don’t reflect the value of the company. This infographic will really make you think as as it shows the differences if you had bought the company stock with the money you spent on their products.

This infographic looks at the comparisons of popular gadgets and their company’s stocks. We explore questions like “Where should my money go?” and “How much would I have made on that companies stock?” You will be kicking yourself for spending the money for some of these products instead of buying their stock!

Everyone is buying the latest and greatest of gadgets and tech products. They can’t wait for the new iPhone, Galaxy Tab, or Windows operating system to come out.

However, it might be interesting to see how that money could be used to invest back into those companies. What if you had purchased Samsung stock instead of the Galaxy S4? This infographic looks at how much money you could make simply by investing the same amount of cash we pay for the latest gadgets.



Did you know that over the lifespan of an Apple Macbook, if you had invested in Apple stock, you could have had enough money to buy 4 Apple Macbooks?

Or that Sony’s stock was so bad over the lifespan of a Playstation 3 that the price would have been cut in half? This infographic explores the comparison between buying the stock of a company or the products they sell. Consider what could have been across the different gadgets we analyze in this engaging infographic!

Next time you consider shelling out the money for a new gadget, think about how much money you might make simply by investing it instead. The profit you might make could be enough to buy more than just the original gadget you were hoping to buy.

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