Video Infographic: Mobile App Store Statistics

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Last year, we released a Star Wars themed infographic on mobile app store statistics and history that was featured on 100+ different websites. We had so much fun creating it that we decided to rework the data into a video! Included are statistics from all of the major app stores, including Apple, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and more.

The numbers are pretty mind boggling! Even since we researched the infographic last year, we’ve seen the number of smartphones and app purchases increase dramatically. Here are a few of our favorite statistics from the video: There are over 375,000 apps available in Apple’s App Store Android has the biggest market share at 35% 75% of the apps in Blackberry’s App World are paid The average iPhone user has 48 apps installed on their phone All Blackberry paid apps cost at least $2.00 Revenue from mobile apps increased nearly $10 million from 2010 to 2011 Music: Jedi Theme Remix – Coyote Kisses View on Youtube

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