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3 Successful Marketing Podcasts and What You Can Learn From Them

As the Internet rapidly grows, businesses look for new ways to engage their audience. Podcasts are a great marketing tool you can use to engage your audience and get them interested in your business. Marketing podcasts give your business the opportunity to reach your audience in a different way.

You can share helpful information with them and get them interested in your brand. In this post, we’ll discuss three successful marketing podcasts and what you can learn from them. The tips and tricks you learn from these top marketing podcasts can help you stay one step ahead of your competitors, and they’re also a great way to utilize your downtime, like while you’re getting ready in the morning or during your daily drive to the office.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can create successful marketing podcasts!

1. Marketing Over Coffee

John Wall and Christopher Penn run this engaging podcast and can be considered one of the best marketing podcasts you can find. In Marketing Over Coffee, they dive into trends in the marketing industry. These two marketing experts talk about the newest practices and trends in the marketing industry.

They take the time to talk about how you can use these new practices to improve various aspects of your campaign. You learn how to use these practices to improve your sales, your digital marketing strategies, and other aspects of your business. This 20-minute podcasts on marketing takes time to address new topics and answer questions from the audience.

It’s a great opportunity to learn about new and trending topics, as well as ask any buzzing questions.

Strategy takeaway: Share current information. Users want to know the latest trends and ideas. They want to know what is in style, what is working, and how new ideas can help them improve their lives. When you use marketing podcasts, you want to make sure you share the most updated information.

It is crucial that you provide your audience with the most updated information in your industry. They don’t want to hear information that is five years old. When users tune into your marketing podcasts, they want to hear the latest changes and trends.

If users are relying on your podcast as the source of information for your industry, you need to make sure you share current information. You don’t want to provide your audience with information that is outdated. They won’t trust your podcast, which could lead to a decline in listeners.

Digital marketing podcasts sharing the most current information will be able to keep their audience engaged. Listeners know that when they tune in, they will hear the most updated information. It will help you build confidence and trust with your users, which will lead to more people tuning into your marketing podcasts.

marketing podcast by Marketing Over Coffee

2. Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income is a one man show run by Pat Flynn. He uses his marketing podcasts to talk about various business strategies, including marketing and content-related strategies. This podcast uniquely focuses on solving specific problems within a niche.

Flynn comes up with a solution for these problems and tests them to see if they are effective. These strategies are used within methods like social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), amongst others. Smart Passive Income focuses a lot on creating content.

Content has a huge impact on your marketing campaign, so Flynn takes the time to share tips and tricks on how you can produce better content. He provides his audience with ways to get a leg up on the competition when it comes to content.

Strategy takeaway: Provide a variety of content for your listeners. When you create marketing podcasts, it is important that you keep your audience engaged. You want them to eagerly come back to listen to your podcasts on marketing.

If you want to do that successfully, you need to provide a variety of content. Flynn addresses a wide array of digital marketing strategies in his podcasts, but he chooses specific topics within those strategies to address. This helps him provide new and interesting content each time he creates a podcast.

Instead of talking generally about a topic, he dives into the specifics of a narrower topic. To create more engaging marketing podcasts, you’ll want to provide your audience with a variety of content. Take some time to think about your industry and larger topics within it.

Once you have those larger topics, think of smaller topics within each of those larger topics that you can address in marketing podcasts. This is a great way to provide your audience with a variety of information. It can also help you appeal to users that are looking for information on a topic.

When you go in depth with specific topics, you help your audience understand that topic better. It’s a great way to ensure that you have new and fresh content in your marketing podcasts. marketing podcast by Smart Passive Income

3. #AskGaryVee Show

If you couldn’t tell by the hashtag, the #AskGaryVee show focuses on social media and digital advertising. In this podcast, Gary Vaynerchuk tests social media strategies to figure out which strategies work for businesses. Vaynerchuk tests these social media strategies and shares the results with his audience.

Social media is constantly developing and changing algorithms, so it is difficult to keep up with these changes. Vaynerchuk uses his podcasts to help users with the challenges of social media marketing. The #AskGaryVee show utilizes dual marketing, which is unique to this podcast.

Vaynerchuk creates videos and rips the audio from them to create his podcast. By doing this, he kills two birds with one stone and can use these two pieces of content in different ways.

Strategy takeaways: Stay on top of changes and create dual-usage content. With this podcast, there are two main takeaways. First, you need to stay on top on industry changes.

As stated previously, an effective podcast with share the most current information with their audience. Once you share that information with your audience, it is important that you keep up with that topic and see if there are changes. You want to talk about current topics with your audience, but you also want to make sure you address the topics again if things change.

In Vaynerchuk’s case, he talks about social media marketing, which is constantly evolving and changing. You can talk about using one strategy successfully and a week later, Facebook can change their algorithm, which alters the performance of that strategy. As your industry changes, you need to be on top of these changes and address them with your audience.

Another important takeaway from the #AskGaryVee show is to create dual-usage content. This is something that will benefit your business. When you create your podcasts, you’ll want to consider adapting Vaynerchuk’s strategy of starting with a video first.

This strategy helps you provide this information to your audience in different formats. You may have people in your audience that don’t like podcasts or don’t listen to them. These audience members may prefer to watch videos.

When you create dual-usage content, you can reach more interested leads. You can engage people who like videos, as well as those who like podcasts. It’s a great opportunity for you to get your information and message across to more leads.

marketing podcast by Gary Vee

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Podcasts are great for engaging your audience in a new way. This type of content gets your audience interested in your industry and your business. There are numerous great podcasts that you can listen to and follow to help you get ideas for your own podcast.

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