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The Best Domain Registrars for Your Company

Every business needs a website, and every website needs a domain. A website’s domain is the name of the site. Without domains, you could only visit websites by memorizing the IP address of every single one, which — naturally — no one wants to do.

For that reason, you can’t set up a website without first obtaining a domain. But you can’t pick up a domain from just anywhere, either. You must go through a particular channel to do that — a domain registrar.

But there’s more than one registrar out there. So, what’s the best domain registrar to go through? There’s no single answer to that question because it depends in part on your priorities.

You can start by checking out this video about picking a domain name:

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What is a domain name registrar?

A domain registrar is a company that sells and registers domain names. If you want to register a domain, you must do it through a domain name registrar.

Registrars come in different forms. Sometimes they only sell domains, but other times they might offer web hosting as well, and potentially even web security services. For that reason, some registrars are better than others, and you’ll want to think carefully about which one you choose.

For what it’s worth, should you choose a registrar you don’t end up liking, you can change to a different one later (after at least 60 days have passed).

5 best domain registrars for your business

There are many domain registrars out there, but which one should you choose for your business? Here are some of the best domain registrars for your business:

1. Bluehost

Price: $2.75+ per month

domain registrar bluehost

Bluehost is an example of a domain registrar that mainly offers web hosting. However, when you choose Bluehost as your web host, you’ll get a free domain name as part of the deal. That can help you save money, as you’d otherwise have to buy the two components separately.

You’ll also get a free SSL certificate, sweetening the pot even further. And while it might seem inconvenient to pay a monthly fee rather than a yearly one, you can set your plan to auto-renew every month, so you don’t have to manually renew it each month.

Why it’s one of the best domain registrars

The standout feature of Bluehost is its ease of use. Its dashboard is extremely intuitive, making it excellent for first-time users. For that reason, if this is your first time creating a website, Bluehost is an excellent choice.


Price: $9.99 per year

domain registrar domain com is one of the best places to go if you’re only looking for a domain name (although they offer hosting for an additional fee as well). has all the necessary features for choosing your name, including:

  • A variety of domain types, including .com, .co, .net, and more
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Helpful privacy protection features
  • Low overall costs
  • And more!

Why it’s one of the best domain registrars stands out for being one of the best all-around domain packages. It may not have an individual standout feature, but it covers all the right bases — privacy, customer service, and more — all for a relatively low cost.

3. GoDaddy

Price: $2.50+ per month

domain registrar godaddy

GoDaddy is one of the best-known domain registrars out there, and for good reason. It’s known for being easy to use and coming with low costs.

Finding the domain name you want is a simple process with GoDaddy, as is buying and registering it. Like many of the other best registrars, GoDaddy also offers web hosting, and you can get some fantastic discounts by bundling your domain and hosting.  

Why it’s one of the best domain registrars

The main reason GoDaddy is one of the best registrars out there is that it puts a huge emphasis on personal data protection. Their privacy feature doesn’t require you to buy an add-on — it comes with any domain you buy for no extra charge, though you can upgrade for even better protection.

This feature protects your company’s personal info from the public, preventing hackers and scammers from stealing it. 

4. Porkbun

Price: $2+ per month

domain registrar porkbun

Porkbun isn’t quite as well-known as some of the others on this list, like Bluehost, but it has an excellent reputation for a few reasons. For one thing, it offers a variety of unique web extensions. Porkbun goes beyond the standard .com and .net, offering extensions like:

  • .beer
  • .art
  • .cricket
  • .photo
  • .ninja
  • And more!

That means if you’re going for a flashy domain name, Porkbun might be the best option.

Why it’s one of the best domain registrars

Porkbun’s unique extensions are one of its best features, but arguably even better is its low renewal prices. Some registrars will charge you a lot to you renew your domain, but Porkbun makes a point of keeping those charges low.

The specific price varies drastically depending on the domain in question, but it’s lower than most other registrars.

5. NameSilo

Price: $8.39+ per year (per domain)

domain registrar namesilo

Another of the best registrars on the market is NameSilo. It shares many of the same features as other domain name registrars on this list, including a wide selection of website types and some free privacy add-ons. That already makes it a worthy choice.

But the real standout feature of NameSilo is the fact that its pricing depends heavily on how many domains you buy. Most registrars are built to sell individual domains, but sometimes, businesses want to own different domains, particularly if they have many regional locations.

If that’s the case for your company, NameSilo is a good choice.

Why it’s one of the best domain registrars

The main benefit of using NameSilo is exactly what we mentioned above — it’s the ideal registrar for buying domains in bulk. The more domains you buy, the less each one costs, enabling you to spend far less money than you would if you tried to buy in bulk from a different registrar.

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