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7 Best Helpdesk Software Options for Your Company

Does your business have helpdesk software? If not, you should consider getting some — helpdesk software is an excellent way to address issues that your customers have. Customer support can be a lot to manage manually, and a helpdesk platform can help you handle it.

Of course, that still leaves the question of which helpdesk software to get. There are tons of options out there, so what’s the best helpdesk software for your business? That depends on your specific needs. 

We can’t necessarily tell you the best software for you, but we can help narrow down the list. That’s what we do in this blog post. 

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7 best helpdesk software options for your business

There are quite a few helpdesk software options out there, but you likely don’t have time to look at all of them. That’s why we’ve narrowed down those options for you. Ideally, you’ll find that one of the options on the list below meets your needs:

  1. Zendesk for Service
  2. Zoho Desk
  3. HappyFox
  4. Freshdesk
  5. Freshservice
  6. Front
  7. Spiceworks Cloud Help Desk

Keep reading for a brief overview of each tool.

1. Zendesk for Service

Price: $49+ per user per month

helpdesk zendesk

Zendesk for Service is one of the more expensive helpdesk platforms on this list — and for good reason. Zendesk works as a basic helpdesk, allowing customers to submit support tickets and request help. But it goes beyond that, with over 1200 integration options and an advanced reporting system.

Zendesk prioritizes centralizing your customer communications in a single platform, which means it works well with other centralization-based tools like customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Additionally, Zendesk features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Though the pricing for Zendesk starts at $49 per user per month, it also offers more advanced plans for higher prices, including enterprise plans.

2. Zoho Desk

Price: $14+ per user per month

helpdesk zoho

Another of the best helpdesk tools out there is Zoho Desk. Zoho comes with a handful of helpful features, including:

  • Integration with other Zoho products
  • An AI-based chatbot
  • Easy configurability
  • Mobile apps

Zoho offers other features besides those, but there are too many to list here. Suffice it to say, however, that Zoho has everything you need to fulfill your basic helpdesk requirements — and more. Though it can be a complex tool to learn, many businesses find it worth it.

3. HappyFox

Price: $26+ per user per month

helpdesk happyfox

HappyFox offers a variety of plans, some of which can get pricey. That said, it’s a top-tier tool with plenty of customization options and an easy, multistep system for managing support tickets.

One thing that helps HappyFox stand out is how deeply it integrates with tools like Slack. If your company already uses Slack, you can easily submit tickets there instead of going directly to HappyFox’s app.

HappyFox excels with customer-facing helpdesk capabilities, but you can also use it for IT purposes within your organization.

4. Freshdesk

Price: Free, or $15+ per user per month for a better version

helpdesk freshdesk

Freshdesk is a customer-facing helpdesk tool that offers a handful of helpful and unique features. For one, it uses a gamification system that can help incentivize customer service representatives. Also, it provides a question-based query tool that allows you to discover data naturally.

A big plus of Freshdesk is that it offers a free plan for up to 10 users. Of course, the free plan comes with minimal features. Thankfully, there are paid plans that offer far more extensive options, including automation and customer segmentation. 

5. Freshservice

Price: $19+ per user per month

helpdesk freshservice

If you’re thinking that Freshservice sounds pretty similar to Freshdesk, you’re right. That’s because they’re both offered by the same company, Freshworks. But whereas Freshdesk is a helpdesk designed for customers, Freshservice is for your internal company needs.

Your business probably uses a handful of digital tools, and there are bound to be technical issues with those tools at least some of the time. Freshservice offers an easy way for you to submit tickets to your IT department when that happens.

Freshservice handles complex IT needs, so if you’re a smaller business that doesn’t encounter many IT issues, this might not be the tool for you. That said, if you have a more complex IT system, Freshservice might be the right choice — not least since it offers plenty of workflow customization options.

6. Front

Price: $19+ per user per month

helpdesk front

Front stands out on this list for being a ticket-free helpdesk tool. While most helpdesk platforms allow people to submit support tickets, Front uses a shared inbox system. That means all your customer support representatives can see all the support requests.

The benefit of a shared inbox is that while you can still assign specific reps to specific requests, you can also easily transfer requests between different reps if needed. Maybe someone goes on vacation and a different rep picks up their assignments, or maybe you want to transfer a request to a rep that’s more specialized in that area.

Whatever the case, Front gives you plenty of flexibility with how you handle your customer support requests.

7. Spiceworks Cloud Help Desk

Price: Free

helpdesk spiceworks

Spiceworks Cloud Help Desk is one of the best helpdesk tools for a simple reason: It’s free. Because of that, it doesn’t come with as many features as other helpdesk platforms, but it still has all the essentials, like ticketing and reporting.

Spiceworks is specifically designed for internal IT support, not customer-facing support. So, if your focus right now is on a customer helpdesk, Spiceworks isn’t the best choice. It’s a good option if you want an IT helpdesk but don’t want to pay for one right now.

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