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How to Improve Amazon Click-through Rate: 5 Tips to Improve CTR on Amazon

Roxanne has been running her Amazon advertising campaigns for a few months now. She hasn’t seen her desired results, so she checks her ad performance. When she checks her ad metrics, she finds her click-through rate (CTR) is extremely low, as are her conversions.

If you’re like Roxanne, you may be wondering how to improve Amazon click-through rate to drive better results with your ads. We’ve got answers for you!

On this page, we’ll answer all your questions about Amazon CTR, including:

  • Why does Amazon CTR matter?
  • What is a good click-through rate on Amazon?
  • What impacts my Amazon CTR?
  • How do I improve my Amazon click-through rate?

Keep reading to learn more!

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Why does your Amazon CTR matter?

You’ve heard people say that it’s essential to track your click-through rate on your Amazon ads, but why?

Well, tracking your Amazon CTR is critical for understanding how your ads perform and whether people engage with them. It can help you determine if your ads are relevant to searchers or if you need to adjust your ad campaigns to improve performance.

If you have a high Amazon CTR, it means that people see your ad, find it relevant, and click on it. A higher CTR can indicate that your price point is good, you offer a trustworthy product, and more.

A low Amazon CTR indicates that users don’t engage with your ad content, which means you have problems with your ad campaigns. It may indicate that your ad is relevant to searchers, you need to optimize your product listing, or something similar.

Knowing your click-through rate helps you determine which ads perform well and which ones need tweaks to increase your Amazon CTR.

What is a good click-through rate on Amazon?

Looking at your current click-through rate will give you a baseline for determining whether your CTR is good or needs improvement. So, what is a good click-through rate on Amazon?

The average Amazon CTR is 0.4%. You want to have at least a 0.3% CTR to consider your ads successful. Anything below 0.3% indicates that your ads are not performing well.

What impacts your Amazon CTR?

Before diving into how to improve Amazon click-through rate for your ads, it’s essential to know what factors contribute to your ads’ performance. Here are four of the most significant factors that impact your Amazon CTR:

  • Your product images: When someone spots your Amazon ad in their search results, the first thing they look at is your product photo. You need to have a high-quality product photo that shows your product clearly if you want to generate clicks.

Pictures of desk organizer product listings on Amazon

  • Your product title: Your product title provides searchers with helpful information about your product, from the size to the color. Having an optimized product title impacts whether people click on your ad.

Product titles for Marvel t-shirt product listings on Amazon

  • Your reviews: People turn to reviews to help them determine whether to purchase a product. If you want searchers to even consider your product, you need to have high product ratings.

Product reviews for a product on Amazon

  • Your price: The price of your products contributes significantly to a shopper’s desire to buy. You want to make sure that you price your products competitively, so shoppers consider buying your products.

Pricing for Nessie from different sellers on Amazon

When running your Amazon advertising campaigns, make sure that you consider these factors as you set up your ads.

How to improve Amazon click-through rate: 5 tips to get a better CTR on Amazon

If you looked at your click-through rate and are unhappy with it, don’t worry –– there are ways to improve CTR on Amazon to drive better results. Here are five tips to help increase Amazon CTR for your ads:

1. Use negative keywords to save clicks

If you want to know how to improve Amazon click-through rate, start implementing negative keywords into your ads. Negative keywords enable you to set the keywords you don’t want your ads to appear for in search results.

This tactic is an excellent idea if you find that your ads have a low CTR. An ad may be appearing for keywords that aren’t as relevant to your listing, which means more people see your ad but aren’t clicking.

You can tighten your ad targeting with negative keywords to help your ads appear for relevant searches that generate clicks to increase Amazon CTR.

2. Monitor keyword performance

In addition to using negative keywords, another way to improve CTR on Amazon is to monitor your keyword performance. While some keywords may seem like they’re a good fit for your ads, they may not drive the results you desire.

When you monitor your keywords, you may find that some of your keywords are too broad and receive high impressions but low clicks. It would be best to pause targeting those keywords or remove them altogether to focus on keywords that generate clicks.

Even if you’re only targeting a few highly-specific keywords, you’ll see an increase in your Amazon CTR because you’re focusing on the most productive and relevant keywords.

3. Conduct A/B testing on your ad

If you want to know how to improve Amazon click-through rate, try doing A/B testing on your ad. You may not be receiving as many clicks on your ad because the product title or product image may not entice prospects to click.

A/B testing can help you determine if you need a more descriptive product title or if certain information is essential to boosting engagement, like the color or size. This testing can also help you determine if you need a different product photo showing your product better.

When you conduct testing, you can determine how to improve CTR on Amazon by making minor adjustments to your ads.

4. Optimize your product description

If you want to increase Amazon CTR, optimizing your product description can help. Optimizing your product description can help you show Amazon that your ad is relevant to searches, which can help you get better ad placement. Better ad placement leads to a better Amazon CTR because more people see your ads.

When you create your product description, you want to ensure that you’re descriptive and provide all the details your audience needs. Use bullet points that are informative but concise so that shoppers can easily see the information.

Production description on Amazon for a plush dumpster fire

You’ll also want to integrate your core target keyword into your description to give Amazon an idea of your product.

By optimizing your product details, you can help your ad earn better positioning, leading to increased CTR.

5. Check your pricing

If you want to know how to improve Amazon click-through rate, try checking your pricing. You may find that, when you search your targeted keywords, your product’s pricing is way above the other competitors in the search results. This high price point could be the reason for a low Amazon CTR.

You want to keep your pricing competitive, so leads check out your products. You may need to adjust your pricing to align with the other products in your search results. Even something as simple as changing your price from $20.99 to $20.95, for example, can make a huge difference!

When making your price adjustments, make sure you’re doing so within reason. You don’t want to take a loss on your product to stay competitive. If your product is entirely out of range in terms of pricing, you may need to target different keywords that deliver listings at your price point.

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