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iOS 15 Email Marketing: Adapt Your Strategy for iOS 15

In 2024, protecting user privacy is paramount. Users want to protect their sensitive data, and Apple is helping them do it. With the iOS 15 update, users now have more control over who accesses their data.

It’s a win for data privacy but a loss for marketers.

If you’re struggling to figure out iOS 15 email marketing, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn more about this update and how you can keep creating a killer email strategy that engages and converts users!

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What is the iOS 15 email update?

Before diving into iOS 15 email marketing tips, it’s essential to understand the iOS 15 email update. Here are a few things to note about this update:

  • Email open tracking prevention: The new update prevents marketers from tracking email opens. All emails appear opened, regardless of whether a user opened the email. You also cannot see the location where the user opened the email.
  • IP address blocking: Any content opened by a user through Apple Mail is run through multiple proxy servers, which prevents companies from seeing where emails go.
  • Hidden emails: Apple users can create unique and random email addresses to protect their identity. If someone makes a purchase on your website and doesn’t want to use their email address to do it, they can use a random Apple-created email instead.

iOS 15 email update: How to adapt your email marketing for Apple

With the Apple email update, you need to adjust your email campaign to reach these users. So, what can you do to see continued success with your email campaigns? Here are some tips to successfully help you do email marketing for Apple devices!

1. Segment your email subscribers and personalize your message

One thing you’ll want to include as part of your iOS 15 email marketing strategy is to segment your subscriber list. While you can’t accurately track if people open your emails, you can increase the chances that they do by sending them content that matters most to them.

You can segment your subscribers based on who they are and their interests. Segment your email lists using characteristics like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Occupation
  • And more!

You’ll want to group your audience based on what’s most relevant to them, so you can increase the likelihood they open and engage with your emails.

You can also personalize your message to increase opens.

A personalized subject line from GasBuddy's email

Personalization involves creating tailored messages that fit just for your subscribers. One common way to personalize emails is through using the subscribers’ names. You can also personalize by sending content most relevant to the subscriber.

2. Test your subject lines

To keep up with the Apple email update, you can test your subject lines to increase the likelihood of subscribers opening your emails. Your subject line is the first thing people see when your email shows up in their inbox.

You can do A/B testing to determine what versions of your subject line your audience likes best. It’s an excellent way for you to figure out which type of subject lines your audience likes best, which will lead to more opens for your business.

Subject line for a Starbucks email

When you do A/B testing on your subject lines, only make one change at a time. Doing one change at a time lets you see how that change impacts your subscribers opening your emails. For example, if you test using emojis and changing the words in your subject, you won’t know which one had the positive impact.

3. Monitor your click-through rate (CTR)

When doing email marketing for Apple, you can no longer rely on open rate as a metric for determining your strategy’s success across all devices. While you can still track open rates, you need to turn to other metrics to ensure your email campaigns work effectively for people on these devices.

That’s why you’ll want to lean on click-through rate (CTR) as a measure of success with your email campaigns. If you have a high CTR with your email campaigns, it indicates that people opened your email content and found it interesting, which led them to click on something in your email.

If you have a low CTR, you’ll want to work on improving it. You can test your email content and adjust it to help encourage more subscribers to engage with your email content.

4. Use past customer data to leverage decision-making

Even though today’s Apple email marketing hides user data, you can still use past data to help inform your email marketing decisions. If you collected past data on email open rates and where people open your emails, you could use that to inform your current campaigns.

For example, your past data may show a high open rate for emails that use emojis in the subject lines. You could use that past data to create more subject lines with emojis and increase opens for your emails.

If you choose to leverage past customer data, make sure the data is as current as possible. You don’t want to make decisions today based on open rate data from four years ago. Try to use your most recent data so you can make the best decisions for your Apple email marketing strategy.

5. Adjust your open rate goals

While the open rate is no longer an accurate metric to monitor, it doesn’t mean that you must stop watching it. You still have people opening your emails on other devices, like Gmail desktop and Android devices. While you can’t use it as an overall metric for email marketing success, you can still use it to inform your strategies.

You can monitor those who aren’t on Apple devices and see the open rate on these other devices. It can help you understand how some of your audience interacts with your emails to adjust and improve those emails.

Need help with iOS 15 email marketing?

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