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When Does Your Business Need Multiple Websites?


Spoiler alert: you’re about to read 1,000 words on this question only to reach the phrase “it depends on your specific circumstances.” Now that the cat is out of the bag, let’s get down to it. There are a number […]

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The 5 Step Process for Infographic Fame and Glory


Infographics are an essential content marketing and data-visualization tool. Graphics made up of visually compelling elements and scintillating data – what’s not to love? As a society made up of visual learners, it’s no wonder that infographics quickly found a […]

Case Studies: the Power of Long-Form Content


How are you allocating your 2015 marketing budget? There’s a lot of marketing tactics vying for your money from billboards to television to SEO. The possibilities and combinations are endless, especially with the web. However, companies have significantly increased their […]

Buzzsumo Review: Your Content’s Total Package


In our world of content, there’s nothing more valuable than collecting the data behind it all. And when it comes to collecting that data, Buzzsumo is an all-in-one package. Competitive analysis, industry research, and even influencer discovery are just a few […]

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Case Study: How Churches Use Online Marketing to Attract New Visitors

When you think about church marketing, do you picture signs with quips so cheesy they make you cringe? “Don’t give up! Moses was once a basket case too.” How about “our church is prayer conditioned”? Or maybe something about the […]

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How to Market an Event: 75 Ideas to Promote an Event


Events, from trade shows to fairs to local festivals to business conferences, have the potential to be fun, valuable learning experiences that delight guests and leave a lasting impression. In fact, according to a Center for Exhibition Industry Research study, […]

How to Identify and Capitalize on Your Yearly Sales Patterns


While it’s not often thought about as such, pattern recognition is a huge part of marketing and business acumen as a whole. Identifying patterns in consumer behavior, client interaction, or sales is vital — especially if you use multiple channel […]

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26 Tools for Improving Your Website’s Page Speed


Lately, we’ve been stressing the fact that fast websites are more profitable websites. It’s a well-known fact, but it's also constantly overlooked. Many people are so focused on the functionality or design of their site that they completely miss out […]

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Interview: David Wells, Entrepreneur


InterviewFX continues! This interview series offers business owners and marketers important insight, advice, and ideas that will help grow their online presence and become more successful. To see past interviews, visit this page, search "#interviewFX" on social media, or click the "InterviewFX" […]

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Coca-Cola wall ad

Case Study: 3 Famous Coca-Cola Marketing Campaigns

If you’re going to spotlight a historic company with tons of great marketing to learn from, who better than Coca-Cola? This classic brand has been reminding us to “Drink Coca-Cola” since 1886 and now encourages millions around the world to […]

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