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5 Mobile Marketing Apps That Make Your Life Easier


Picture this: you’re at a major marketing conference or business meeting, waiting for the next session to start, and you absolutely must know how your latest blog post is doing. Has anyone shared it, or is it even being read? […]

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15 Examples of Great Link Bait and How They Succeeded


In a time when content is king, you could say that link bait is emperor. Link bait is any piece of content that is specifically designed to get people to share it across social channels and link to it on […]

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How to Promote Your App in Apple’s App Store


You've developed an awesome app for the iPhone. You navigated the mysterious journey through Apple's approval process. After waiting and hoping, your app is now live! Congratulations! Except now it's time to get back to work. Just because you made the […]

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Expand Your Content Marketing Strategy with Mobile Video Marketing

Content Marketing

Over half of all Americans own a smartphone, 34% own a tablet, and Statista mentions that by the end of 2023, more than 222 million Americans are forecast to use a tablet. This presents marketers with a huge opportunity […]

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colored pencils

A Scientific Approach to Selecting Ecommerce Button Colors

Ecommerce sites make their money when people hit the checkout button. Your job has an ecommerce manager or marketer is to get as many people to click that button as possible. All of your marketing efforts online point back your […]

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How to Effectively Market Using Twitter


Marketing can make or break a business. In today’s world of social networking, businesses can easily take advantage of interacting with current and future clients through the use of social media. With Twitter now having over two hundred million users […]

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What Makes E-commerce Sites Trustworthy?

Business Advice

A flashy design, lightening-speed page load time, and excellent usability are all great elements of a successful e-commerce site. But there’s something more basic that a website needs to have in order for you to get sales from your e-commerce […]

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Rethinking Demographics: the 16 Personalities of Marketing


This shouldn’t surprise you, but understanding yourself better allows you to find the career that best fits you, the friends you’ll get along with, activities you will most enjoy and overall increased self awareness. But have you ever taken an […]

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GoPro with Your Content Marketing: How You Should Brand Your Own Product

Content Marketing

It’s time to reach for the sky… and then film yourself falling from it.  That’s GoPro’s approach to marketing, and it’s worked tremendously well.  In late 2012, the hip surfer cultured company released its newest product, an action video for […]

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Beginners Guide to Holiday Email Marketing – Think Post-Holiday!

Using Email to create returning customers for the days and months after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday is as important as driving the new traffic to your business during this competitive season! As a result, I am […]

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