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Five Tips to Market Yourself Effectively for a Job Application


There used to be a time when the toughest part about getting a job was deciding where you wanted to work. All you needed in order to stand out from the competition was a college degree, or at the very […]

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How Pinteresting…


Let’s talk about Pinterest. Why? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because: 1. Pinterest sends more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. 2. Pinterest is the 3rd most visited social media site behind Facebook and Twitter. 3. Pinterest referral […]

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4 Eternal Truths About SEO


In an industry where change is the only reliable constant, it’s nice to know there are a few things we can rely on… 1. The Human Audience Will Always Be The Most Important This seems like a no brainer, but […]

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What Getting Engaged Taught Me About Online Advertising Opportunities

Business Advice

It’s not always the “what,” sometimes it’s the “when.” We are all familiar with the marketing mantra of “Who, What, When and Where,” but sometimes we get so focused on the “Who” and the “What” that we miss the opportunity […]

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College Graduation
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An Open Letter to New Internet Marketers and College Grads: How to Thrive in the SEO Industry

Dear College Graduate/New Internet Marketer, Congratulations! You worked your tail off, followed the tips for studying SEO in school and landed your dream job in SEO! You may be experiencing a lot of different emotions right now… excitement, relief, eagerness, […]

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5 Social Strategies for Charities


Do you ever feel inundated by organizations asking you to donate money? That you can’t safely walk out of a supermarket without being cornered by adorable little children trying to sell you fattening cookies? Not that you wouldn’t love to […]

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Branding Through the Online Community


Gone are the days when online marketing was just a one-time gig of SEO.  Now, in order to stay competitive online, marketers must expand their skillset far beyond the average professional.  They have to be personable, charming and poetic.  Marketers […]

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