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20 Attractive Websites That Make Background Patterns Work

Web Design

When you mention patterned/tiled backgrounds, people immediately think of horrid MySpace pages and web designs circa-1990’s. It is therefore a worthy achievement when an artist is able to use this technique to make a website look stunning and attractive. An […]

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9 Practical Ways to Enhance Your Web Development Using the Firefox Web Developer Extension

Web Design

Whether you're a front-end graphics designer or a back-end web programmer, if you've worked long enough in the field of creating web-based solutions, you've no doubt heard about an extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser called (simply enough) the […]

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6 Things You Need for Your Web Project to Succeed

Web Design

Being at an age where I'm just beginning to carve my path in the real world, I tend to have many peers and co-workers who constantly think about making an income besides sitting in front of the computer eight to […]

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RSS News Feed Maker

Web Design

While building out a website today, I stumbled upon a very helpful tool for RSS Feeds. The site is called and really saved me a lot of time in adding the RSS feed to my page. The site has […]

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Search Engine Optimization

Ways to Keep Website Visitors Coming Back

Question: How Do I Keep My Web Site Visitors Coming Back? Answer: Getting qualified prospects to your web site is one thing. Getting them to keep coming back is a whole different subject. Using Google Analytics you can keep track […]

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3 Ways to Become a Successful Online Marketer

Search Engine Optimization

As an online marketer, we know that the internet is filled with loopholes, misleading information, and hype. How can you wade through the clutter to find out what really works online? How can you trust just anybody’s ideas? Where do […]

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