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6 Google Ads Hacks to Optimize Your ROI

Looking for that juicy little insider hack that will make your advertising campaigns easier?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got a list of six Google Ads hacks you can use to help you see a better return on investment (ROI) with your advertising campaigns. Here’s a sneak peak at the hacks we’ll cover:

  1. Bump up your Ad Rank score
  2. Try Performance Max ads
  3. Pause keywords that don’t generate clicks (and remove duplicates)
  4. Get your timing right
  5. Give the Google Display Network a go
  6. Use Google’s ad retargeting features

Read on to learn more about top hacks for Google ads!

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Google Ads hack #1: Bump up your Ad Rank score

One of the best methods to improve your ROI for Google Ads is to focus on improving your Ad Rank score. Google’s Ad Rank formula is what determines where your ad ranks in search results. This formula evaluates components like:

  1. Your cost per click (CPC)
  2. You ad format
  3. Your landing page experience
  4. Your anticipated click-through rate (CTR)
  5. Your ad’s relevance to search

Improving your Ad Rank will help reduce the amount you spend on ads because Google charges less per click for ads with better scores.

You can improve your Ad Rank score by eliminating keywords that don’t perform well, improving your landing pages, and adding more branded keywords.  

Google Ads hack #2: Try Performance Max ads

Want a little Google Ads hack you may not have heard? Performance Max ads

Performance Max ads use the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help you deliver ads that garner more engagement and see better results. 

So, why are these ads a Google Ads hack?

Well, Performance Max ads help you deliver ads that resonate better with your audience. You provide Google with all the valuable information for your campaigns (ad creatives, budget, target audience, etc.) and the algorithm does the work for you. Performance Max ads will deliver the best combination of creatives and ad copy for each group you’re targeting in your audience.

These ads are a great solution to improve your ad’s reach, performance, and results.

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Google Ads hack #3: Pause keywords that don’t generate clicks (and remove duplicates)

Google Ads allows you to filter all the keywords in one account. You can use this filtering feature to find keywords that have not generated conversions within a specific period. 

Then, you can pause a single ad or multiple ads. When you pause an ad, you won’t get charged for it. Pausing keywords decreases your ad spending. Once you’ve determined which keywords don’t perform well, you can focus on replacing low performers with better alternatives. 

Google Ads status showing keywords/ads paused

Another keyword hack to reduce spending is removing duplicate keywords. To find keywords that might compete with one another, look for identical ones and locate their match type

Match type determines how closely a keyword must match search terms to display. Duplicate keywords with the same match type will compete for ad clicks. 

Eliminating duplicate ads when both generate conversions may seem counterproductive, but it’s better to have one ad than multiple that point to the same place. 

Google Ads hack #4: Get your timing right

Another quick way to improve your ROI with Google Ads is to show ads only during times that customers most often buy. Google ad customizers allow you to adjust search ads according to multiple attributes, like:

  • Device
  • Location
  • Date and time
  • Item price

Adjusting ads according to these features will show ads to the customers most likely to convert. For example, you may find that customers often shop for your product on the weekend rather than during the workday. 

Google Ads allows you to access reports about various performance metrics, such as time of day and day of the week. Using this information, you may stop spending on ads during low-performance times and save your budget for peak hours.

Google Ads hack #5: Give the display network a go

The Google Display Network is a collection of websites owned by Google — like Gmail and YouTube — and other websites where Google shows ads to prospects. It’s a great way to advertise because Google displays ads to people likely to fit your customer demographic. 

Geico display ad

Despite the network’s convenience for targeting audiences, it still requires some monitoring. One hack to improve ad performance is to visit the placements page of the display network to see where ads currently run. Visit the top 10 sites by click-through rate, and decide whether you want your ads to appear on these sites.

Once you know where you want tor ads to appear, you can focus on generating ad copy and creatives that will warrant clicks and engagement.

Google Ads hack #6: Use Google’s ad retargeting features

Another hack for increasing your ROI is setting up Google remarketing ads. These ads appear only to customers who have previously interacted with your business. 

If someone visited your site to learn more about your services, but wasn’t quite ready to invest, you could use retargeted ads to bring them back. Ad retargeting shows them your ads so that you’re at the top of their mind when they buy. It’s a great method to get people thinking about you again.

Once you start a remarketing campaign, your ad will circulate to people who have already expressed interest in your product or service, and you can start winning them back.

Get help from a certified Google Ads agency

Hacks like the ones listed above help you improve your ad performance, but they’re still time-consuming and difficult to keep up with. That’s why partnering with a Google Certified Ads agency, like WebFX, is the right move. With a team of 150+ Google Ads Certified team members, you can feel confident we have the skills and expertise to launch a successful ad campaigns for your business.

With our help on Google Ads campaigns, we helped Furbo, a dog camera company:

  • Improve their conversion volume by 348%
  • Boost their return on ad spend (ROAS) 76%
  • Lower their cost per acquisition by 54% 

We can help you achieve results like these, too.

Contact us online or call 888-601-5359 to learn more about our Google Ads management services and see how we can help you boost revenue for your business!

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