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A Simple Guide to Google Ads Image Extensions and Set Up

Online shopping has evolved to meet the needs of modern customers, who prefer a more visually engaging experience. 86% of shoppers expect to see images when they go online to make purchases. That’s where Google Ads image extensions come into play.


But what are pay-per-click (PPC) image extensions, and how can you leverage them to maximize your responsive search ad performance? Read on to learn more.

In this post, we’ll cover the following:

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What are Google Ads image extensions?

Google Ads image extensions, also known as PPC image extensions, are visual functionalities that allow advertisers to upload visually compelling and contextually appropriate images to complement their text ads. These images appear on Google search results pages next to your ad title, meta description, and URL.screenshot of google ads search results

Why are PPC image extensions necessary for your advertising campaigns?

PPC image extensions are a highly effective advertising tactic since people are prone to respond better to sensory inputs like images. Google Ads image extensions are a great way to improve your text ads’ visibility in search results.

Using a Google ads image extension makes it simpler to draw in readers and encourage them to check out your marketing material, increasing your ad’s click-through and conversion rates.

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How to set up Google Ads image extensions

  1. Login to your Google Ads account
  2. Go to Ads Menu
  3. Click on “Assets”
  4. Select “Associations” as the table tab view
  5. Add the image to the campaign or ad group

Sounds confusing? Take a look at the following detailed Google Ads image extension setup instructions. Similar to the other ad extensions, you can add an image extension right from the user interface (UI).

To get started, click on the Ads menu, then select “Assets”

google ads menu screenshot

From there, you’ll see the “table view” tab, make sure that it’s set to “associations.”

google ads table view tab screenshot

From there, you can either go to the extensions tab and click the blue “+” button there, or go to the cards section, select the “Images” card, and then click the blue “+” button at the top.

google ads menu add extension screenshot

You can also simultaneously add the Google ad image extensions to numerous campaigns or ad groups. The best time- and effort-saving way to do this is as follows:

  • Click “All Campaigns” in your account
  • Select Ads and Extensions
  • Navigate to Extensions and add one by clicking the blue + icon
  • Select “image extension” and wait for the new screen to load
  • Click “Add to” and select “Campaign” or “Ad Group”
  • Then click the blue link to select specific campaigns or ad groups
  • In the popup, select each campaign or ad group you want to add the image extension(s) to
  • Click Done

The next step is to upload your images once you have chosen the ad groups or campaigns you wish to include. To add images to your ad, choose the blue + button in the images box, navigate to the upload tab, and select the appropriate file(s).

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What are the image requirements for a google ads image extension?

Google maintains high standards for its image extensions. Your advertising’s visuals must convey all necessary information without additional text, illustrations, or company logos.

Here’s the required format for Google Ads image extensions:

  • File Formats: PNG, JPG, or static GIF
  • Maximum File Size: 5120 KB
  • Aspect Ratio: Square 1 x 1 for square images or Landscape 1.91 x 1 for landscape images
  • Image resolution: 1200 x 1200 for square images and 1200 x 628 for landscape images
  • Minimum Pixels: 300 x 300 for square images and 600 x 314 for landscape images

In addition, for the best performance, you should position the most critical content in the center of 80% of the image.

Best Google ad image extensions practices

Take a look at some of the best practices for Google Ads image extensions:

Select images that showcase your product or service

The best Google Ads image extensions combine helpful information with a high standard of production value. Always select clean, uncluttered photos that display your products or services.

For maximum performance, you also need to ensure that the user experience is consistent from the moment they click on it. This method includes selecting graphics corresponding to the keywords used and the destination page.

Experiment with multiple images

When it comes to online advertising, there is no way to anticipate what strategy will yield the greatest results.

Therefore, experiment with various product or service images — from different distances, against multiple backdrops, or with in-store and lifestyle variants, etc. Make sure to try several combinations to find the one that performs the best.

Add and format images according to Google compliance standards

 Your images should adhere to simple Google guidelines to get the most out of the PPC image extensions. These include ensuring that each of your images is:

  • The right size
  • A single graphic rather than a collection of photos
  • Easily distinguishable
  • Free of any nudity or sexually suggestive content
  • Having minimal white space

Ensure your images have a clear background

Google Ads image extensions display as a small square or rectangle on the side of your ad, just as in the previews. So, selecting images with a clear subject and little background “noise” is essential so users can easily identify them and get an instant “picture” of your offering.

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