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3 Ways To Become A Successful Online Marketer

internetsuccessAs an online marketer, we know that the internet is filled with loopholes, misleading information, and hype. How can you wade through the clutter to find out what really works online? How can you trust just anybody’s ideas?

Where do you find the best information for online marketing tools? Well, I wrote this article to examine and answer your online marketing needs. Below I have outlined the top 7 tools you can use to increase your online exposure, boost your daily traffic, improve your website, and all while giving you what you’ve been looking for.

1. Website Translation

Did you know that you can multiply your content and extend your reach 10 fold by simply spending a few minutes? Simply translate your website into 10 different languages with ease. You won’t need to hire a professional translator for this one.Considering only 36.2% of internet users read in english, a huge untapped market is out there for your website.

By translating your website, you instantly open new doors to a new stream of markets and increase traffic from foreign language search engines. Experienced SEO’s might wonder whether or not translating your website will cause lower search engine rankings due to duplicate content. Never worry because search engines will not be able to distinguish between different language versions of a site.

Seasoned SEO developers will be happy to know that the Non-English SEO market is much less competitive.Getting your website is easy like I promised. The first one I came across was a WordPress plug-in called Simple Thoughts. The plug-in uses automatic translation techniques to turn your blog from one language into 8; Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, German, and Italian.

Download the Taragana plug for WordPress.

2. Multi-Social Bookmarking With One Click

I came across OnlyWire about 2 weeks ago. OnlyWire is a social bookmarking tool which will greatly increase the exposure of your articles. Traditionally, submitting your articles to seperate social bookmarking sites took hours a day.

That’s where OnlyWire comes into play.Onlywire will automate your social bookmarking for you. Onlywire will allow you to submit up to 17 social bookmarking sites all at once. You must first register will all 17 bookmarking sites if you want to submit your own articles.

Otherwise, if you want your visitors to socially bookmark you then register an OnlyWire account and include a link to OnlyWire somewhere on your site. Your visitors will be able to create a bookmark for 1 or all 17 social bookmarking sites at once by only entering a bookmark title, url, and adding keyword tags.Be careful not to go crazy with bookmarking yourself through OnlyWire as it has been designed to prevent spam. To prevent being banned by some of the 17 social bookmarking sites, simply submit non-competitors articles along with your own and try to keep a 5:1 ratio on your submissions.

Visit OnlyWire and sign up.

3. ROR Sitemaps

Sitemaps are important tools for ensuring that all pages within your website are properly indexed and able to be spidered by search engines. The unfortunate reality is that most search engines have a specific sitemap such as Google or Yahoo.However, the generic way to develop a sitemap worthy to all search engines equally would involve creating a ROR sitemap. An ROR sitemap entails XML feeds to describe the content of your web site’s content to the search engine spiders.

With an ROR sitemap, search enginescan easily interpert your images, article titles, podcasts, products, services, and everything else you want listed. Visit XML Sitemap Generator to create an ROR sitemap. Be sure to check out our next article which will cover 4 additional ways to promote yourself as an online marketer!

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