Bait Your Links and Catch Some Fishes

Link baiting has become an important discussion with internet marketers in recent years. We all need and actively seek out incoming links to increase not only our site’s traffic but link popularity for search engine results standings amongst our competitors. Asking for links from other webmasters and submitting our sites to directories for higher standings can be a pain for most. Commonly, other webmasters will completely ignore our open arms invitation for a link exchange. One way links are of course the best for optimization purposes, however, what can we do to bait people into linking us?

Social Happenings:

Do you read the newspaper? Of course you do whether it is online or in old fashioned paper format. When social things happen you need to be the first to jump on board and make a stance with a website or innovation whether a domain name, website, or product.


Interviews are a great way to gaining link popularity and baiting for webmasters and internet marketers. If you could interview someone within your industry and post that interview somewhere on your website while notifying other webmasters of the article, you are almost guaranteed incoming links. In addition to your interview, transcribe the interview to a .txt file or upload the conversation to your site for other webmasters to link to. Simply put, asking for a link to your site won’t cut it. You have to provide an informational resource for other webmasters to want to link to. At WebFX we’ve developed an interview series, dubbed InterviewFX, where we reach out to marketing and business professionals, as well as authors and speakers for insights into their digital marketing strategies.


The Grammy’s, MTV Awards, and Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice awards. Then there is your web site. Awards can be a great way to bring in traffic from relevant resources while building link popularity. Your award must be unique and related to your industry. In addition, make your awarding guidelines strict. Simply awarding everyone who applies will only build incoming links from low popularity resources. Hand out your award to only the best in your industry and create a graphic which links back to your site. For an added boost, the html code sent to the winning webmaster should have a text link to your site underneath the graphic which uses the keywords for which you’re looking to optimize your search engine placement.


Pod-casts are a relatively new and rising technology on the web today. Create a pod-cast that discusses your industry news, tips , tools, and informational resources for other webmasters to link to. Your pod-casts must be unique and related to your industry.

Guest Appearances:

This is a relatively new idea that I’ve already implemented for the site you’re looking at. Simply offer the ability for guest writers to submit their content and require a link back to your site. In addition, ask other webmasters in your industry if you can submit your original and unique content or tools in exchange for a small excerpt about your site with a link back. The internet, of course, is the world of free exchange of information. Adhere to it and you will build link popularity.


An often overlooked form of link baiting, blogs and even forums allow for link baiting. Nothing says link to me like the free exchange of ideas and resources that come from groups of intellectual free thinkers who participate in a blog/forum.

Informational Lists:

Lists become hot button and highly popular articles. As you browse this website, you will notice a variety of Top 10 ways to or 100 Article Directory Listings resources that many other webmasters link to because of their unique and resourcefulness. You might also want to consider building a directory list on your website to exchange links with other webmasters.


This is a quick way to boost traffic because of the sphere of instant popularity associated with giving something away for free on the internet. Implementation of an ice cream giveaway, many other webmasters will link to your site simply because you’re giving away something for simply signing up. Your contest will give you hits and popularity. Take the contest a step further by requiring the contest entrants to sign up for your newsletter. You’ll bait them with the offer and pitch them down the road for your services or goods. Hooked and sinked!


If you’re a programmer or know someone who is, have them make a tool related to your industry. Search engine optimization specialists are wonderful at this. Consistently, new SEO tools are developed which help webmasters build link popularity and track their standings. In your industry, design a tool which other webmasters will want to link to. If you run a blog, develop a WordPress or Typepad plug in that other webmasters will want to download and use.