Google on Search Engine Optimization: 3 Great Resources

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Sometimes the simplest advice is the best advice.

Leona and I spend a lot of time doing some really high-level SEO stuff like server configurations, targeted linkbuilding and universal search optimization.

But its good to get back to the basics every once in awhile!

Believe it or not Google actually has a few resources scattered about their web properties that do a great job of explaining SEO, for beginners and advanced  marketers alike.

Here they are:

New SEO Slideshow

One of Google’s product teams gave a presentation on how to help non-profits rank in search and released it to the public this Wednesday.

All of the recommendations are pretty basic but for a beginner this is a goldmine.

It also does a great job of explaining all the tools Google makes available (for free!) that can help you narrow down keywords and user intent.

Matt Cutts Videos

Matt Cutts is the Google oracle when it comes to SEO.  As head of the Google Webspam team he’s got very in-depth knowledge of the way Google works and is more than happy to help.

In his video series he regularly answers questions asked by real people about SEO. He makes even the top-level stuff easy to understand.

You can check out his blog to keep up with the industry as well.

Google’s SEO PDF

The first is this priceless PDF named, aptly, Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

Even as a seasoned veteran I re-read this PDF every few months to reinforce what’s really important.

Now you have to take this and all these recommendations with a grain of salt: this is what Google says is the most effective way to rank your site, but they don’t mention a lot of things that help out even more.

That’s what we’re here for.

Hat tip: Search Engine Land.