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Google PageRank Update Underway (27 October 2007)

Google PageRankAfter a long awaited 180 days another Google PageRank update is now underway.  For those of us in the Internet Marketing world Google PageRank can be a badge of honor if your websites have a high PageRank and for Internet marketers who own properly websites with advertisers a 1/10 increase or decrease in PageRank can mean the difference in thousands of dollars in advertising revenue a month.

This update was a disappointing one for the team at WebFX.  Our website dropped from a PR6 to a PR5 which makes no difference in the number of visitors who come to our website, but we enjoyed having a PR6 for many years.  The downward shift of Google PageRank is part of every update as it becomes increasing harder to have a PR6+ website PageRank.

Here are some other websites how experience a large decrease in PageRank:

  • http://www.washingtonpost.com .:. PR7 to PR5
  • http://www.forbes.com .:. PR7 to PR5
  • http://www.suntimes.com .:. PR7 to PR5
  • http://www.sfgate.com .:. PR7 to PR5
  • http://www.statcounter.com .:. PR10 to PR6

For those of you who fall outside of the Internet Marketing community here is a quick definition of Google PageRank:

PageRank is Google’s ranking software that calculates the relevance of a webpage to the search keywords entered. The software analyses both the number of incoming links and the ‘quality’ of the referring webpage to generate a relative measurement between 0 (low-relevance) and 10 (high-relevance). (The ‘quality’ of the referring webpage is an abstract measure of how authoritative it is on the subject matter.)

Definition from: motive.co.nz

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