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Ways to Keep Website Visitors Coming Back

Question: How Do I Keep My Web Site Visitors Coming Back? Answer: Getting qualified prospects to your web site is one thing. Getting them to keep coming back is a whole different subject.

Using Google Analytics you can keep track of new and returning visitors. Sign up with Google Analytics before getting started and insert the JavaScript code from Google to track your web sites traffic. The information I am about to share with you will turn your customers into repeat buyers and turn visitors into conversions.

Content is King.

Don’t waste your time updating your web site if it’s really not necessary. If you run a blog, your visitors will expect updates everyday. If you run a web site that reports housing trends than your visitors will expect updates on the housing market very often.

If your web site sells tables and chairs, then your content probably won’t need to be updated very often. Secondly, write your own content. Citing references on every article you put on your web site or completely copying an article from another site and citing the source will actually turn visitors away from your ‘expertise’ on what you sell.

If you’re selling a particular product, there should be no one the wiser on your product than you. It is your duty to share your knowledge with visitors to help turn a visit into a sale. Focus on the benefits and features of your product or service.

Some of the best articles you can write begin with “Top 10 Ways to…” or “New Ways To..”

Open Their Eyes.

Tell your visitors about new products or services you offer in engaging ways. These updates should be on the main page or main subcategory of your main page. Of course, new products and services will hold a premium in comparison to your older and staler listings.

Keep things fresh by notifying your visitors. Offer a simple “fill in your e-mail and receive updates on our products” form too. Your newsletter can be a powerful force for driving in more repeat buyers.

People notice a large “NEW” icon as they scan through your page. People simply do not have the time to read everything. As it was discovered in the Nielsen Studies, the human eye reads a web page in an F shaped pattern.

Put your new products or services in the area of your site that follows an F shape.

Give Them Something To Do

A web site is like a person. When you first meet someone new you need to build rapport and create meaningful interactions to make a connection.

Make your visitors comfortable by offers suggest box. Let your customers give their feedback, suggestions, and more. Have your visitor’s help you sell them!

Run a giveaway. Ask your customers to submit a short questionnaire while gathering important information about them and offer one of your products or services as a prize. Have monthly or weekly giveaways to ensure repeat visitors and sign ups.

Offer a “refer a friend” option in the contest entry section to help drive new prospects to your site interested in the contest. Give the person who refers a friend an extra entry for every person they refer. Your giveaway will act like an online survey.

Search The Archives

You know why people keep 30,000 downloaded MP3’s on their computer? People love archives and giving your prospects the ability to search your site’s article or product archives will be useful to your visitors. Believe me, your customers will be glad you kept all the ‘oldies’ around.

Having archives also helps build your sites credibility. You’ll have more listings on the search engines, your customers will be able to see how long you’ve been around, and most importantly your customers will hang around your site.

Keeping Track Of Your Results

Sign up for Google Analytics.

It’s a simple procedure and you can see if you’re doing everything right. You’ll be able to see where customers are clicking on your site, how long they spend on your site, daily visits, and much more. You’ll also be able to find weak points in your marketing plan.

If no one is signing up for your newsletter or contest, make sure you make those sections more noticeable on the main page. Use Google Analytics to see where people are clicking and where they aren’t. If all else fails, don’t waste all your hard work on a lost cause.

Spend it on producing higher quality content and all else will fall into place. Watch your profits grow, work hard, and succeed!

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