Website Promotion Idea that works!

Website Promotion ImageI had read in an article back a few months back about an interesting website promotion. Essentially the customer would give something away or offer a certain coupon/service that would only be available via their company website, thus pushing traffic to the site through the website promotion effort. As the webmaster of a local fire department, I figured that I might give this website promotion idea a try.

The Plan

With the holiday activities of Halloween quickly approaching, I figured that an online photo gallery of kids out for trick or treat with our firehouse dalmation “Sparky” would be a pretty easy way to get some attention.

Location, Location, Location

Luckily I was able to secure the town square for my photo shoot!


Kids would already be out trick or treating, what else do they need? How about a larger than life dalmation and a firetruck? Sounds fun to me&helli;


The kids want the candy, how will they remember to go to the website? My solution was a business card size reminder of our web address and some dear little paw prints from “Sparky”.

Plan of attack

This was the part that was most important. I have them on my website and they know what they are looking for, how can I get them interested in what I want to target with my web promotion? It was simple, I built the photo gallery pages, and simply added some general information on the different sections of the website that I wanted to promote.

Results that count

In the end, I saw a major spike in my site visits over a period of a few days after the event. I also had some up front results by having some of the promotional material available while doing the photo shoot on location. Overall, this web promotion works great and was very successful.

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