Imagine if keeping up with interesting people was as simple as clicking “Subscribe”.

Guess what?  It is.

FriendFeed, a service created by former Google employees, aims to take the web activity of your friends, colleagues and other favorite people and streamline it.  Check out mine, for example:

Shawn Farner\'s FriendFeed

If you were subscribed to me on FriendFeed, you would be able to see my new Twitter updates, blog posts I’ve written, what songs I’ve liked on Last.FM, what items I’ve shared in Google Reader, and much more.  If you use a desktop client such as Twhirl, you receive updates almost immediately after the action takes place.

Not only that, but every item in FriendFeed can be commented on.  Earlier today in my post about Microsoft and Yahoo/Facebook I linked to two discussions taking place on FriendFeed.  The discussion took place independent of the blog post that actually inspired it all.  For some, commenting this way is quickly becoming their preferred method – it’s much more like talking in real life than commenting on a blog.  In real life, you can have a conversation about someone’s idea without that person standing right next to you, listening in.  FriendFeed comments take a similar approach.

So how can FriendFeed help you?  It saves time.  No longer do you have to visit many services seperately to keep tabs on the people you find important – now you can just visit FriendFeed.  If you’re involved professionally in a certain field or are just interested in it, follow some of the major players in that field on FriendFeed.  Chances are, they’ll clue you in to the latest trends through their actions on the web.

Adding your own services to your FriendFeed can be beneficial, as well.  Getting into FriendFeed now will undoubtedly earn you an “early adopter” title, and being one of the first in your niche can net you “trendsetter” status.  In business, these can mean gaining a huge advantage over slower-moving competition.

If you’re at all interested in keeping track of the people and/or topics you care about more quickly and efficiently, or if you are looking to give yourself or your business a head start on competitors, I highly recommend signing up for a FriendFeed account.  Some pretty smart people think that FriendFeed is a pretty big deal, and at this point, I’m not going to take my chances doubting them.