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Make a 3D Recycling Bin Icon with Photoshop

Through this Photoshop icon design tutorial, I will show you how to make an appealing drawing of a recycling bin with crumpled and creased white paper inside and around it — all from scratch. We will take advantage of tools such as the Gradient Tool, Custom Shape Tool, Rounded Rectangle Tool, and simple Photoshop functions such as Skew Transform and Free Transform to design our icon.

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Web Design

Make Illustrious Type Using Airbrushing Techniques

This Illustrator/Photoshop tutorial will walk you through the process of creating some unique type by combining the power of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. We will explore various techniques such as airbrushing, using blending modes, creating ambient lighting with the Gradient Tool, and more. I’m sure you will find some useful tips, tricks, and shortcuts as we go through the process of creating this piece. Let’s get started!

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