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Web Design

Free Marble Textures

These 5 free high resolution marble textures can be downloaded and used in your personal and commercial projects. The textures are available in JPG format. Each marble texture is over 4900x3200px, making them suitable for a wide variety of situations.

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10 Free Calligraphy Fonts to Download

The art of calligraphy is a centuries-old craft that’s steadfastly becoming a rarity in our digitally dominated world. The featured free calligraphic fonts in this collection are excellent in design projects that want to embody the graceful and endearing imperfections that are intrinsically a part of human handwriting.

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How Crowdsourcing Can Be a Powerful SEO Weapon (or Potentially Damage Your Brand Reputation)

The Golden Rule of SEO “Think like your customer.” If your company has even the faintest working knowledge of SEO and its best practices, then you have probably heard this statement a thousand times before — and justly so. The key to breaking through to quality rankings in Google SERPs involves thinking like the customers […]

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Don’t Ignore the Value of the Click Through Rate

Obviously anyone who has ever run an AdWords or adCenter campaign knows when the click through rate (CTR) increases, they’re probably doing something right – whether it be ads tailored seamlessly or ideal keyword targeting. The CTR is significant because it tells you when an ad is compelling a user enough to take action and […]

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Visual Inspiration: 30 Clean and Elegant Web Designs

One of the hardest traits designers must master is restraint. Designers are creators, and we want to create as much as we can. We want to display our abilities, our tricks, and our techniques in all the work we do. But the best designers know that simplicity–knowing how to use just the right design elements, and nothing more–is effective in conveying a powerful message. This collection features clean and elegant web designs for your inspiration.

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