20 Brilliant Blind Embossed Business Cards

Trevin is the Sr. Director of Business Development at WebFX. He has worked on over 450 marketing campaigns and has been building websites for over 20 years. His work has been featured by Search Engine Land, USA Today, Fast Company and Inc.

Blind embossing differs from regular embossing in that no ink is applied to the paper stock, instead leaving only an imprint of the embossed element. The examples below show how blind embossing is used to display text and other design elements in business cards making for a subtle yet memorable impression (no pun intended). Check out these designs for some inspiration for your next project.

H out H

image_01_houth image_02_houth  

Stitch Press

image_03_stitch image_04_stitch  

Well Made

image_05_wellmade image_06_wellmade  


image_07_addition image_08_addition  

Silver Lining

image_09_silver_lining image_10_silver_lining

Marin Dearie

image_11_dearie image_12_dearie  

Lion Investments


The Fox Yards


Steven Turner

image_15_steven_turner image_16_steven_turner  

Brice Vandermeeren

image_17_bv image_18_bv  

Mary Hemming

image_19_hemming image_20_hemming  




image_25_decontoured image_26_decontoured  

Steven Jordan

image_28_stevenjordan image_29_stevenjordan  

Le Gramme


Laura Zastrow


Alberto Ojeda

image_32_alberto_ojeda image_33_alberto_ojeda  

La Fabrica

image_34_lafabrica image_35_lafabrica  

Dylan McDonough

image_39_mcdonough image_38_mcdonough  

The Brown Fox

image_37_brownfox image_36_brownfox

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