23 Questions to Answer Before a Website Redesign


I don’t think I’ve linked to Seth Godin yet on this blog, which is insane. He’s a genius and a big influencer on the way I think (and the world thinks) about marketing and business. I’ve fallen off of reading his blog, but while researching ideas for this post he popped into my head.

So I went there and BAM! An invaluable post, right at the top.

The title: Things to ask before you redo your website. You won’t find “Which color palette should I use?” or “How many columns?” on here.

The most important one:

What is the goal of the site?

Just making a mission statement for a business, deciding on a website goal up front makes littler decisions much easier.

  • Want to maximize traffic? You need a mobile site.
  • Is it sales leads? You should be tracking calls.
  • Is it targeted to your best customers? Ignore everyone else.

Answer the big question first, and the little ones fall into line.

Before a website redesign project starts, have a team meeting to discuss Seth’s suggestions first. It will benefit everyone involved.

P.S. Seth’s a magnificent writer, one of my idols in terms of style. Some other greats: Penelope Trunk, David Ogilvy and Winston Churchill. If you can learn to communicate like them your ideas will become clear and memorable.