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25 Impressive Character Designs from Behance

Character designs are used in an assortment of ways in the design and art industry, including t-shirt design, skateboard designs, on websites as the “face” of the company, and much more. There is a wide variety of styles for crafting characters, and we are going to look at some of them. In this collection, we present 25 excellent character designs from 17 talented character/graphic designers, illustrators and artists from around the world, featured on the Behance Network.

Jonathan Ball

Jonathan Ball is a freelance illustrator and designer from little old Wales, which is tidily tucked away in a corner of the UK. You can check out his personal site called pokedstudio. vectors eat toast too vectors eat toast too

Leonardo Rodriguez

Leonardo Rodriguez is a freelance illustrator living and working in Barcelona, Spain.


Daniel Tur

Daniel Tur is a graphic designer, illustrator and character designer from Barcelona, Spain. Check out his MySpace page. Illustrations. Illustrations.


NIARK1 (aka Seb) is a French freelance graphic designer and illustrator (luckily) based in Paris.

Check out this talented artist’s personal site at NIARK1. Illustrations 4 Illustrations 4 Illustrations 2 (07.jpg)

Jared Nickerson

Jared Nickerson is a 26-year-old illustrator based out of Seattle, WA. He has been in the industry for 5+ years and specializes in character, editorial, videogame, and art direction.

J3Concepts is the name of his web space. Super Mega Fun Super Mega Fun Pirate Radio Fan Club Pirate Radio Fan Club Tahitibot Tahitibot Morning Coma Morning Coma


campa is an illustrator, graphic designer, and character designer from Budapest, Hungary. Illustrations (2008) Illustrations (2008)

Anya Sokolova

Anya Sokolova is a character designer, illustrator and graphic designer from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

She has a personal site (in Russian) called Vintage girl Vintage girl


A O is a character designer, graffiti artist, graphic designer, and illustrator from Sofia, Bulgaria. characters characters recent characters recent characters


Torka is a designer, illustrator, and character designer from Montevideo, Uruguay.

Spooky friends Spooky friends Carucha! Carucha!


Zutto is a mid-20’s Moscow, Russia based illustrator. His personal site is called Zuttoworld. kawaiii pikka kawaiii pikka

Konstantin Shalev

Konstantin Shalev works with Illustration, Textile Design, Character Design.

He’s 23 years old and is located in Russia. He graduated from the Kuban State University. He works for the PlatZkart Creative Union.

“Fruits and Nut” "Fruits and Nut"


Supervixen is a Sydney based studio focused on creating a variety of worldwide projects with primary strengths art direction, motion graphic design, conceptual art & illustration. Arnotts Shapes Arnotts Shapes

The César Evangelista Bautista

The César Evangelista Bautista is an illustrator and character designer from Mexico Distrito Federal, Mexico. Check out his studio’s site, called Kamikace Studio.

Character Design Character Design

Francesco Muzzi

Francesco Muzzi is a graphic designer, typographer, illustrator from Firenze, Italy. His Flickr stream features many of his other works. Older Illustrations Older Illustrations

Berk Cankat

Berk Cankat is a character and graphic designer from Ankara, Turkey.

character designs character designs


Maroto, who runs the portfolio site, BambinoMonkey, is a 30 year old illustrator based in Madrid, Spain. BambinoMonkey Portfolio BambinoMonkey Portfolio CANAL+ DCINE ID CANAL+ DCINE ID

Michael Fuchs

Michael Fuchs is an illustrator, web designer and character designer from Hamburg-Altona, Germany. His site:

centralzine contribution centralzine contribution

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