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Abstract geometric pattern with overlapping rectangles and parallelograms in shades of green, yellow, and blue with hatched and dotted textures.

27 Inspiring Pattern Designs

We found some very talented pattern designers to inspire you for your next project. Have a look at their portfolios to see more amazing work!

Juan Diaz – Faes Diaz

image_11_diaz image_13_diaz image_12_diaz  

Michel Massih

image_02_massih image_01_massih  

Kristell Schnell

image_08_schnell image_07_schnell  

Amanda Dilworth

image_27_dilworth   image_26_dilworth image_25_dilworth  

Ashley Weaver

image_24_weaver image_23_weaver  

Heidi Deal

image_22_deal image_21_deal image_20_deal  

Anna Casanovas

image_19_casanovas image_18_casanovas image_17_casanovas  

Cassie Suche

image_16_cass image_15_cass image_14_cass  

Pilar Marco

image_10_marco image_09_marco  

Joao Lomelino

image_05_bluemonkey image_04_bluemonkey image_03_bluemonkey   Tell us what you think in the comments section below or share your own favorite pattern designers with us!

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