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Pencil drawing of a human skull and upper spinal column intertwined with vine-like lines and roses, creating a gothic aesthetic.

30 Amazing Illustrations to Inspire

The following illustrations are some of the most interesting, mind-bending illustrations we’ve found recently. The new ideas and the methods that illustrators use continue to amaze us time and time again. For instance, Paul Alexander Thornton uses ballpoint pens in his compositions which, I can only imagine requires some very steady hands.

Lili Lu’s illustrations of women are not only the work of a master, they’re also quite gorgeous to look at! And Raphael Kirchner’s illustrations are some of the most thoughtful and eye-catching pieces I’ve seen recently. Surely, just looking at these great illustrations which were done by some very talented people will ignite some creative sparks in you!

Remember to support your fellow artists by visiting their portfolios and showing them some love!

Paul Alexander Thornton

image 01 paul alexander thornton image 02 paul alexander thornton image 03 paul alexander thornton

Alexander Kostenko

image 04 alexander kostenko image 05 alexander kostenko image 06 alexander kostenko image 30 alexander kostenko

Lili Lu

image 07 lililu image 08 lililu image 09 lililu image 10 lililu

Tom Hovey

image 11 tom hovey image 12 tom hovey image 13 tom hovey

Raphael Kirchner

image 14 raphael kirchner image 16 raphael kirchner image 15 raphael kirchner

Iain Macarthur

image 17 iain macarthur image 18 iain macarthur image 19 iain macarthur image 20 iain macarthur

Simon Prades

image 20 simon prades image 21 simon prades scaled image 22 simon prades scaled

Peony Yip

image 23 peony yip image 24 peony yip image 25 peony yip


image 26 gloom82 image 27 gloom82 image 29 gloom82 If you know of any artists or would like to share some of your own work, please share them with us in the comments section!

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