30 Beautifully Textured Web Designs

Textures in a web design have become a popular trend, replacing the sleek, glossy, and shiny effects that we commonly refer to as the "Web 2.0" design trend. Working with textures is difficult, but talented designers worldwide choose this route to add a depth in their designs and to exemplify their creative skills.

In this collection, you’ll find 30 gorgeous web designs that employ textures as a design component. Hopefully, you’ll become inspired to explore this design trend and apply it into your own designs.

1. WallSwaps

WallSwaps - screen shot.

2. Agami Creative

Agami Creative - screen shot.

3. bridge55

bridge55 - screen shot.

4. The Seen®

The Seen® - screen shot.

5. Design Jobs on the Wall

Design Jobs on the Wall - screen shot.

6. Carbonica

Carbonica - screen shot.

7. Pikaboo

Pikaboo - screen shot.

8. Edgepoint Church

Edgepoint Church - screen shot.

9. Jay Hafling

Jay Hafling - screen shot.

10. MacTarnahan’s Brewing Company

MacTarnahan's Brewing Company - screen shot.

11. Helmy Bern

Helmy Bern - screen shot.

12. The Brown Corporation

The Brown Corporation - screen shot.

13. Viget Advance

Viget Advance - screen shot.

14. The Ernest Hemingway Collection

The Ernest Hemingway Collection - screen shot.

15. Pain is Good

Pain is Good - screen shot.

16. Bart-Jan Verhoef

Bart-Jan Verhoef - screen shot.

17. Miles Dowsett

Miles Dowsett - screen shot.

18. iamtodd.com

iamtodd.com - screen shot.

19. Rockatee Home

Rockatee Home - screen shot.

20. The Albion Group

The Albion Group - screen shot.

21. Jeffrey Sarmiento

Jeffrey Sarmiento - screen shot.

22. Slabovia

Slabovia - screen shot.

23. Jamie’s Italian

Jamie's Italian - screen shot.

24. Lanikai Properties

Lanikai Properties - screen shot.

25. Sundance Documentary Film Program

Sundance Documentary Film Program - screen shot.

26. St. Gregory’s

St. Gregory’s - screen shot.

27. Coalmarch Productions

Coalmarch Productions - screen shot.

28. toby-powell.co.uk

toby-powell.co.uk - screen shot.

29. Michela Chiucini

Michela Chiucini - screen shot.


KAYINTVEEN - screen shot.

Got any to share?

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