30 Designs and Illustrations with Great Masking Techniques

After Tyler Denis’ tutorial recently — a tutorial that involved a significant amount of layer masking in Photoshop — we were inspired to look for some more great examples of masking techniques by other artists.

Below, for inspiration, you’ll find some great compositions that utilize masking in some way. Some are even done on paper and masked by hand. Enjoy!

Raphael Vicenzi

You Will Never Be Rich and Famous

I Have Nothing Left to Say

Hannah Jor

Inspired Magazine

Sylvia Robles

Look at You

Fabian Delange

DACS United


Chrissy Kurpeski

Life in the Universe cover

Frank Chimero

So Far Around the Bend

Raewyn Brandon

MILK Magazine Cover

Tang Yau Hoong

Flying Colors



Daniel Garcia Rodriguez

Shape Up

Randy Knott


Bobo 2

David Lopez


Darth Vader

Thomas Tessier

Nous Avons 20 ans





Cris Wicks

Beautiful Boogieman


Abb-d Choudhury



Cris Gommes

Alberto Seveso

I saw Alberto’s work a few years ago, and while we were searching for pieces for this collection over the last couple of days, I was given a pleasant reminder about the work of this master.

His designs and illustrations have been featured in many publications and have been imitated, emulated, but never duplicated.

Biebeees 2

David Lynch


As you can see from the great pieces we’ve collected from these immensely talented artists, masking has come a long way, and the technique is used in many creative ways on digital mediums and even by hand.

It’s a very versatile tool to have in your arsenal, and if used properly, can offer many opportunities for creativity.