365-Day Geometric Illustration Challenge by Justin Maller

Justin Maller has over a decade of creative experience. But one day last year, he found himself in a creative “rut.”

One year later, we have his complete Facets project. Facets is a collection of 365 geometric illustrations that were done over a year — one illustration a day.

Justin’s illustration style is just beautiful and thoughtful and truly a pleasure to behold.

His geometric style turns his subjects into colorful multi-dimensional gems. Being a daily challenge, it’s easy to imagine how difficult a project like Facets can be and yet each illustration explores a unique idea while maintaining a consistent illustration style; a truly great achievement.

We highly recommend checking out Justin’s website to see all of his illustrations and perhaps order some prints. You can also visit his portfolio here.

You can also follow Justin on Twitter @justinmaller. image_01_justin_maller image_02_justin_maller image_03_justin_maller image_04_justin_maller image_05_justin_maller image_06_justin_maller image_08_justin_maller image_09_justin_maller image_10_justin_maller image_11_justin_maller Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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