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AI WordPress Plugins

10 Revolutionizing AI WordPress Plugins

10 Revolutionizing AI WordPress Plugins

Over 40% of the web uses a WordPress content management system (CMS). These include some big companies, like Mozilla, Microsoft, and even Vimeo. As a platform, it offers endless possibilities to enhance your online presence.

What if you could make your WordPress site not just functional but truly intelligent?

AI WordPress plugins can give your site capabilities that were once only possible by tech giants. You can now automate routine tasks, personalize experiences, and interact with users through chatbots.

These tools revolutionize how your site operates, and some of them are right here in our top ten list.

  1. Tidio
  2. RankMath
  3. WordLift
  4. Link Whisper
  5. Divi Engine
  6. Quttera
  7. CodeW
  8. Voicer
  9. AI Engine
  10. AI ChatBot

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Popular AI WordPress plugins

Here is an in-depth look at our top 10 WordPress plugins that use AI technology. We’ve included free AI WordPress plugins in our list as well!

1. Tidio

AI WordPress Plugins for Tidio

The best WordPress AI plugin for customer growth

URL: Tidio

What can you use it for? AI customer service

Price: Free version. Paid packages start at $29 per month.

According to their website, Tidio claims that their AI can answer up to 70% of customer inquiries without the aid of a human.

It can also answer customer questions in seven different languages, all in real time. The plugin also does another nifty thing — it tracks users across the site to see what pages they are browsing to help boost sales.

2. RankMath

RankMath AI Plugin

The best WordPress AI plugins for SEO

URL: RankMath

What can you use it for? Access to WordPress SEO Tools

Price: On request

RankMath is at the top of its game. This tool helps you connect to Google Search Console, automates image optimization, gives you a sitemap, and offers a whole lot of other features to get your WordPress site at the top of search results.

As with all AI, it doesn’t provide as good SEO results as human SEO services. But it automates a lot of tasks and gives you access to all the right tools to get you started on your SEO journey with your website.

3. Wordlift

AI WordPress Wordlift

The best WordPress AI plugin for Schema

URL: WordLift

What can you use it for? Creates structured data (Schema) markup

Price: Free

RankMath above gives you some fantastic SEO tools, but if you are looking for a plugin that will change the way your WordPress connects to search engines by using Schema, then WordLift is it.

This tool uses AI technology to analyze your content and build datasets for search engines. It also engages with readers to recommend relevant content.

4. LinkWhisper

AI WordPress Link Whisper

The best WordPress AI plugins for internal links

URL: Link Whisper

What can you use it for? Internal linking

Price: Pricing starts at $77

Link building is an important part of SEO for any website. However, it is often overlooked by content creators or forgotten about. Link Whisper will help keep link building at the forefront of your content creation.

The AI plugin suggests relevant internal links when you start writing your article. All you have to do is check a box.

But what about content that doesn’t have any links to it?

Link Whisper will tell you about it! It will show you if you have any content that is “link-less” and make suggestions for increasing traffic.

5. Divi Engine

Divi Engine AI

The best AI image plugin for WordPress

URL: Divi Engine

What can you use it for? Image and creative asset generation

Price: Free option for a certain amount of credits. Package deals from $150 annually

The plugin allows you to pop in prompts such as style, description, a reference if you have one, size requirements, and aspects. Click “generate,” and you’ll get an image that matches your needs.

You can create lifestyle photos, graphics, logos, or banners, all to your specifications. The combination of AI and design will elevate your brand, but it can also go further.

It can maintain brand consistency.

Because Divi AI is integrated into the theme, it can learn about your brand from your content. It will generate and hone in on each image, what you like, and your guidelines, learning to create images specifically for you with every click.

6. Quttera

The best AI WordPress plugin for malware

The best AI WordPress plugin for malware

URL: Quttera WordPress Web Malware Scanner

What can you use it for? To scan your WordPress website for malware

Price: Starting packages are at $10 per month

The Quttera protects your website from all types of nasty internet bugs, including:

  • Malware
  • Backdoors
  • Worms
  • Trojans
  • Virus
  • Any malicious code or content

The list of what this plugin can protect you from is incredibly vast. It highlights issues and possible problems that it checks with its own HTTP interface at Quettera’s server.

It also helps users remove the malware if the site is infected.

7. CodeWP

The best AI WordPress plugin for coding

The best AI WordPress plugin for coding


What can you use it for? Reading coding snippets and plugins

Price: Free and paid options from $18 monthly

Technically, this is not a plugin, but a way to create plugins.

A group of developers came together and started building what was meant to be a side project. They all had experience with WordPress and understood the challenges of creating plugins for the CMS.

They now claim to be leading the way with AI research for WordPress, having helped almost 50,000 creators with their coding.

8. Voicer

The best WordPress AI plugin for voice-to-text

The best WordPress AI plugin for voice-to-text

URL: Voicer by Merkulov

What can you use it for? Convert your content into audio

Price: $20 for 6 months

Converting your content to an AI voice gives your website an audio edge. It makes your website accessible and provides another format for your users. Let’s look at some of Voicer’s features:

  • Works with all WordPress themes
  • Offers over 250 voices to choose from
  • Has 45+ languages and variants.

This WordPress plugin is packed with all the right dazzle! It uses Google’s artificial intelligence to create the text-to-voice, so as the technology advances, so will the plugin.

9. AI Engine

The best AI plugin for WordPress in general

The best AI plugin for WordPress in general

URL: AI Engine

What can you use it for? Loads of things, from preparing datasets to statistics and forms.

Price: Free version available. Pro packages start from $49

When a plugin has a feature called the “AI Playground,” you know you are in for a treat! It has everything you need, from translations to corrections and quick suggestions. You can create your own templates or images by pulling in AI technology from DALL-E 3 technology.

AI Engine offers a little bit of everything AI can offer you, all in one plugin.

10. AI ChatBot

The best chat box AI plugin for WordPress

The best chat box AI plugin for WordPress

URL: AI ChatBot

What can you use it for? Live Chat Support

Price: Free

The simple, easy-to-use AI ChatBot by QuantumCloud is your basic plug-and-play ChatBot. If you want something that will provide live support without too much complication, then this is it.

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Frequently asked questions about AI plugs for WordPress

Do you get free AI plugins for WordPress?

There are always free options available. Packages often have lite versions available for free, and you can try out a few features. 14-day trial options are also popular for giving prospects insight into whether the plug-in is what they were looking for.

Are there any AI plugins for WordPress?

Yes! AI plugins are constantly being created, and there are even plugins that create more plugins.

For example, CodeWP allows you to use its AI system to create code snippets or entire plugins. But we’ll get to looking at how that works a little later on.

What you need to know now is that there are AI plugins to help you optimize your content, images, video, and keywords. You can get plugins to make illustrations for you and help you build forms and analyze your users.

A whole new way of blogging and using WordPress has opened up in the last few years.

Should I use the AI WordPress plugin?

Absolutely! Just know, you should only use a WordPress plugin if it helps you in some way. Multiple plugin installations that you never use can waste space on your domain. But if the plugin allows you to get insight or create better-quality content, then by all means, dive in!

Is there one best AI WordPress plugin for content?

There are content generators out there, but the best content comes from humans. High-quality copy that carries your brand’s tone is human-generated, as only humans can convey empathy, engage readers, and be relatable to another human.

Our copywriters are posed to write high-quality content specific to your industry. Each paragraph and section has been optimized with keywords, reader engagement, and enriched information for your audience.

To learn more about creating genuine user experiences and quality content, connect with a strategist online or call 888-601-5359 today!

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