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Stylized abstract illustration of a rooster made from geometric shapes in shades of gray.

6-Second Calligraphy Animals by Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox’s calligraphy animals look simple but we think that’s the point. Using swift yet carefully planned strokes of his broad-tipped calligraphy pen, Andrew Fox is able to bring these whimsical calligraphy animals to life in 6 seconds or less. The result is simple and beautifully stylized. We can’t wait to see how the rest of this project turns out.

Have a look at his portfolio to see his 6-second videos of him creating these animals. image_01_andrewfox image_02_andrewfox image_03_andrewfox image_04_andrewfox image_05_andrewfox image_06_andrewfox image_07_andrewfox image_08_andrewfox image_09_andrewfox image_10_andrewfox image_11_andrewfox image_12_andrewfox

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