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Apple mobile device management

Apple Mobile Device Management Made Easy with Bushel

This content is sponsored via Syndicate Ads. Bushel is a mobile device management (MDM) solution for the iPads, iPhones, and Macs in your workplace. Bushel is developed by JAMF Software, creators of IT solutions for the Apple platform. Mobile device management inventory Without a mobile device management system, the responsibility of setting up, tracking, managing, and securing all the Apple devices floating around your workplace takes a great amount of resources.

Managing mobile devices is more efficient and cost-effective when using a solution such as Bushel. Bushel makes mobile device configuration a breeze, allowing you to set them up wirelessly. This means you can install apps, configure company emails, enable access to company Wi-Fis, and much moreover the airusing a centralized interface.

You can manage and protect your organizations mobile devicesany time, anywhere. For instance, you can easily set up company emails remotely. Theres no need to ask employees to drop off their smartphone or ask them to follow knowledgebase guides simply so they can get access to their emails.

Configuring company email accounts over the air with Bushel Another thing that can be configured over the air are Wi-Fi settings. This extremely convenient feature means people wont have to bug each other for the settings and passwords of your organizations wireless Internet access points. Automatically configure WiFi in company mobile devices. With Bushel, you can develop and deploy different configuration templates.

These templates are called Blueprints in Bushels nomenclature. You might have a Blueprint for the sales department that installs certain sales-related apps, and another Blueprint for IT staff that installs IT-related apps and also configures a distinct set of security rules. Mobile device Blueprints Company mobile devices are expensive assets and its important to keep track of them all.

And the ability to reassign them to other employees is often a necessity. Keeping an eye on all of the mobile devices in your workplace is practically impossible without a good solution in place. Bushel takes the pain out of keeping an inventory of all of your Apple devices with their Device Inventory feature.

The Device Inventory gives you an at-a-glance view of your companys mobile devices, with status information such as who currently has the device and which Blueprint was used for the device. You can export your Device Inventory to popular apps like Microsoft Excel and asset-management apps in case you need to produce reports and status updates. Device Inventory One major pain point that Bushel can solve are issues related to “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies.

BYOD policies permit employees to use their personal smartphone and gadgets at work. With Bushels painless web-based Open Enrollment feature, employees can register their devices in order to get access to company emails, security settings, and apps. This allows organizations to more securely conduct their BYOD policies.

Open Enrollment download page Bushel has many options for enhancing mobile device security. For instance, you can enforce strong password requirements, password resets after a particular amount of time, and encryption on all company devices. In case a device is lost or stolen, you can use Bushel to perform a Remote Wipe on the device, which cleanses it of sensitive information.

For misplaced iOS devices, you can use Bushel to put the device into Lost Mode, which locks the device, displays a custom message on the lock screen and sends its last known GPS coordinates to your Bushel instance. Bushel has a ton of other features and benefits to offer your workplace. What follows are ways you can learn more about this awesome mobile device management solution.

I highly recommend watching this short video to get a tour of Bushel.

Try the Live Demo

Check out Bushels live demo to see the app in action. Bushel live demo screenshot

Further Exploration

  • Explore all of Bushels features and benefits.
  • Learn about Bushels simple pricing plan. Bushel is free for up to three devices. Beyond that, its only $2 a month per device.
  • Connect with Bushel.

Use Bushel for Free

You can use Bushel at no cost for up to three devices. Sign up for a free account and see how Bushel is an excellent mobile device management solution. Create a free Bushel account

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