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Artist Incorporates 2D Elements Into 3D Renderings to Create Unique Portraits

Cezar’s work is striking in a lot of ways. His subjects are often beautiful women with somewhat infantilized or “cute” features (i.e. big eyes, button noses, and high cheek bones) that convey a sense of youth.

However, their facial expressions often involve much deeper, more mature and developed emotions such as sadness, loneliness, and sometimes, yearning. Cezar’s art style is also very unique in that he boldly incorporates flat 2D shapes and colors into his 3d renderings making for very striking compositions. His work has a very experimental and visionary vibe and we’re definitely very excited to see more of Cezar’s unique work.

Hopefully, he  has inspired you to look at new ways to incorporate a 3D workflow into your own work. Or vice versa! Check out Cezar Brandao’s workflow in this Youtube video.

Here’s a small sampling of Cezar Brandao’s work. Don’t forget to show him some love by liking his Facebook page and by visiting his Deviantart page. image_04_cezar_brandao image_11_cezar_brandao image_01_cezar_brandao image_02_cezar_brandao image_03_cezar_brandao image_05_cezar_brandao image_06_cezar_brandao image_07_cezar_brandao image_08_cezar_brandao image_09_cezar_brandao Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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